Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0290.035.00 FSD Imposing Sanctions on Two-Parent Households

One or both parents in a two-parent household may be sanctioned for non-compliance with work activities.  Because the household receives one cash grant, the grant is reduced by 25 percent regardless of whether one or both the parents are sanctioned.  In the event both parents are sanctioned for non-compliance with work activities, both must comply with work requirements to have the grant fully restored.  (If there is also a sanction for failure to comply with child support requirements, this sanction requirement must be satisfied prior to sanction removal.)  If only one parent is sanctioned, the second parent is case managed with all the rights and responsibilities of any other TA recipient in compliance.  (This includes receipt of Transportation Reimbursement Expense (TRE) and Work Related Expense (WRE) payments as outlined in the MWA provider’s policy.)