Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0293.005.00 Submitting Evidence for Hearing

The MWA case manager must provide evidence proving the sanction recommendation or the case closing due to unable to locate  was appropriate to the Family Support Division (FSD) eligibility specialist (or FSD supervisor) within three (3) business days of notification of the hearing and attend the hearing.

Evidence includes:

  • the call-in letter(s);
  • all returned letter(s), if appropriate;
  • the Individual Employment Plan (IEP);
  • free-form letters;
  • locate attempts;
  • conciliation attempts;
  • case notes;
  • evidence or notes on telephone calls; and
  • any other documentary evidence submitted in hard copy form to support the recommendation, if necessary.

MWA staff participating in the hearing must keep one copy of the relevant evidence supporting the request to sanction or close the TA case and supply one copy (ahead of time) to the:

  1.  TA Recipient;
  2. Hearing officer; and
  3. FSD agency witness.