Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0293.010.00 During the Hearing

The Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) staff participating in the hearing must  make every effort to preserve an informal atmosphere in which the recipient feels at ease to present his/her side of the issue in his/her own words and manner.

Witnesses are sworn-in and the Hearing Officer attempts to impartially obtain full disclosure and discussion of facts and evidence essential to the hearing.

The Hearing Officer will:

  • exercise authority and control over the hearing process;
  • explain the purpose of the hearing;
  • explain the ground rules of the hearing;
  • review the reason (s) for the case action;
  • swear in the witnesses;
  • allow presentation of agency’s action and the evidence for the action (by both Family Support Division (FSD) staff and MWA staff); and
  • see that a transcript of the hearing is made.