Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0295.005.00 Failure to Participate

Failure or refusal to participate occurs if an individual states orally or in writing an unwillingness to participate. It may also occur when a participant’s current performance, inaction, or pattern of behavior, such as repeated absences, suggests a lack of participation¬†without good cause.

When a Temporary Assistance participant is required to participate and fails to do so without good cause, the Temporary Assistance grant and Food Stamps, if applicable, are reduced (refer to Section 0295.025.00 Sanctions and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Manual).

The Temporary Assistance grant is not reduced if an exempt volunteer fails to participate without good cause.

Temporary Assistance recipients are not participating satisfactorily when they:

  1. Fail to engage actively in employment-related activities i.e.: job search, job readiness, etc.
  2. Fail or refuse to respond to two call-in notices
  3. Establish a pattern of failure to attend classes or to participate in other activities consistent with the Self-Sufficiency Pact
  4. Fail to appear for a job referral or job interview and the job is consistent with the Self-Sufficiency Pact
  5. Voluntarily leave an OJT assignment before expiration of the contract
  6. Refuse to accept employment, reduce their earnings, or voluntarily terminate their employment