Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0305.010.00 Reporting Responsibilities

Cash assistance payments are paid on behalf of those applicants and participants who meet eligibility requirements and are in need of assistance. Under RSMo 205.967, it is a legal requirement that applicants and participants of benefits (as well as their cohabitating spouse) report to the Family Support Division’s county office changes in, or acquisitions of, income, property or other resources. Upon notification of such changes, the County office may either cancel the benefits or alter the benefit amount, depending upon the circumstances.

Any benefits paid to or on behalf of an ineligible participant are recoverable as a debt due the state through a civil action. There are also provisions in the law for penalties through a criminal action against persons who by means of any willfully false statement or impersonation or other fraudulent act obtain, aid or abet any person to obtain benefits to which he is not entitled.

  • Notification Requirements:At the time of application, reapplication (Interview Summary FA-102) or review (Temporary Assistance Eligibility Review Form FA-202) the individual is informed in writing of the need to report changes in circumstances within ten (10) days. The individual signs the appropriate form and the copy is placed in the case record.
  • Client Reporting Requirements:The Temporary Assistance Eligibility Unit (EU) must report all changes in address, income or employment, household members, and resources within ten (10) days of the change. If the changes are not reported within ten (10) days of the change, and the amount of the grant or continued eligibility for benefits is affected resulting in an overpayment, a claim is filed by the eligibility specialist.