Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0305.015.00 Claims Process

Register and track all overpayments and possible overpayments in the Claims Accounting and Restitution System (CARS). CARS is divided into two areas, the discovery tracking system and the claim tracking system. A discovery claim referral is a possible overpayment.

The discovery tracking system processes and tracks:

  • registration of the discovery claim referral
  • computing the amount of the overpayment
  • attaching the responsible members to the claim
  • moving the claim
  • establishing the claim and generating a demand letter

It also tracks the rejection of a claim referral. This allows another eligibility specialist or reviewer to see that the claim has already been explored. Refer to CARS User Guide Rejecting a Discovery Claim Referral for instructions.

After investigating the circumstances and determining that an overpayment does exist, enter information about the claim into the second part of CARS, the claim tracking system.

Notes should be entered on the ADD NOTE (OVNA) screen to electronically store and track claim information, and reduce paper files. The following are examples when notes are entered:

  • Reason claim was established or rejected
  • Verification used to establish the claim amount
  • Recording general information
  • Conversation(s) held with the claimant regarding the claim
  • Details of the repayment agreement
  • Hearing request information

Refer to CARS User Guide Recording and Viewing Notes in the Claims Accounting and Restitution (CARS) System for complete instructions.