Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0310.035.00 Other Related Policies for Claims

To determine the Temporary Assistance grant amount the claimant was eligible for, the following policies apply:

  • Receipt of Duplicate Assistance Payments:If a participant receives two assistance grants for the same month, whether the grants are either from Missouri, or from Missouri and another state, the participant received an overpayment for that month. If another state is involved, coordinate with the other state to determine in which state the overpayment occurred.
  • Optional Inclusion in Eligibility Unit (EU):In those cases where an EU receives an overpayment because of income received by an optional EU member, the overpayment will be the lesser amount of the correct grant, after determining the amount of the grant, if the person:
    • had been left in the EU; or
    • was removed from the EU.

These steps are to be followed even in those cases where additional income was not reported.

Examples of optional inclusions in an EU include: NPCR, legal guardian, and nieces and nephews.