Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0310.045.00 Demand Letters

A Demand Letter for Over issuance (CARS3-IM80) is generated and sent to the head of the EU when a Temporary Assistance claim is entered. The day the letter is generated is the day the claim is established. The demand letter contains:

  • the amount of the claim
  • the time period of the claim
  • the persons responsible for the claim
  • the reason for the claim
  • the members responsible for paying this debt
  • the calculation of the overpayment
  • notification of amount of underpayment of Temporary Assistance benefits
  • repayment agreement options including notification of allotment reduction procedures
  • notification of the right to a fair hearing

Check to see if there is a current address available when a demand letter is returned as undeliverable. If there is an updated address available, place the entire demand letter in another envelope and mail to the correct address. If there is no other address available, record the returned date on the Demand Letter Inquiry (OVLU) screen and enter Y in the returned field.

  • For claims being worked by the Welfare Investigation Unit (WIU), refer the claim to WIU using a Referral for Investigation (DOI-1). WIU attempts to locate a current address for the EU and notify the county office. Re-mail the demand letter to the address provided by WIU.

Record a comment regarding whether contact was made with the EU and the address to which the demand letter was re-mailed on the Note Add (OVNA) screen.

For instructions refer to CARS User Guide Recording a Demand Letter Has Been Returned as Undeliverable.