Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual

0315.025.20 Automated Recoupment of Temporary Assistance Benefits

CARS automatically initiates recoupment for any claim that is eligible to be paid for an active Temporary Assistance EU through reduction of Temporary Assistance benefits. CARS knows when to begin recoupment on Temporary Assistance claims. Information entered in the repayment agreement fields does not affect the amount recouped. Claims are eligible for recoupment if:

  • any responsible member of the claim receives Temporary Assistance benefits, and
  • it has been thirty days since the date the claim was established.

There is no recoupment of Temporary Assistance benefits when:

  • a hearing is requested, until the decision is made and entered on the Change Claim Information (OVCC) screen, or
  • a prorated amount is issued on a TA reapplication.