IM-78  05/19/00  IMU5 INSTRUCTIONS PAGES 17, 21, 37-42

   IMU5 INSTRUCTIONS PAGES 17, 21, 37-42
Memorandum IM-#40, dated March 8, 2000, described changes made to transaction IMU5 to accommodate the entry of information needed for the Grandparents As Foster Parents (GAFP) program.  The attached Forms Manual pages incorporate these changes.

Additionally, several new codes are added to the instructions for field 13G, on page 21, to allow identification of the type and status of all types of GAFP caretakers.  These codes tell us whether a caretaker in a GAFP case is a grandparent or other relative, has completed foster parent training, has been given custody, has refused foster parent training, and whether a grandparent is over or under the age of fifty.

Because the system is only able to know the caretaker's age, but not the other information listed, it is the responsibility of the caseworker to enter the correct code to accurately reflect the caretaker's status in regard to training and custody, and whether they are a grandparent, or another relative.

Until the worker updates field 13G for the caretaker, IMU5 will continue to reflect either the code "F" for a GAFP caretaker over age fifty, or code "G" for a caretaker under age fifty.  The system automatically changes a "G" to an "F" in the month of the caretaker's fiftieth birthday.

Because codes "F" and "G" indicate that the caretaker has NOT obtained custody and has NOT completed foster parent training, it will be necessary for the work to update this field to reflect the actual status of the caretaker at the next contact with the family.  The attached forms manual revision contains codes for this purpose.

Pages 17 and 18 of the IMU5 instructions are updated with current terminology.

New codes, and their definitions, are added to field 13G for GAFP caretakers, on page 21.

Instructions for GAFP entries for fields 33 through 37 are added to pages 37 through 40.

Instructions for field 44 for GAFP are added to page 42.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.

  • Begin to use new codes for GAFP caretakers immediately.

  • File revised pages of the IMU5 instructions in the forms manual.
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