Beginning September 25, 2000, the Division of Family Services (DFS) began conducting a quarterly match with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to identify deceased individuals who are receiving food stamp benefits either as an individual or as a member of a participating household.  The Social Security Master Death Index (SSMDI) information is provided only for food stamp applicants or participants.  However, staff must take appropriate action on any assistance case in which the matched individual is active.

The information received from the SSMDI match will be used by Information Services and Technology Division (ISTD) to generate three new reports.  Each report is discussed later in this memorandum.

Missouri matches against the SSMDI in two ways:

  • ISTD initiates a quarterly match of all food stamp applicants and participants including individuals in suspended status.
  • Staff initiates an SSMDI record for food stamp applicants or participants through an IIVE query.
The SSA is not permitted to release death information reported to their agency from the Missouri or Kansas Bureau of Vital Statistics.  Therefore, we will continue to produce death matches that occur in Missouri using Vital Statistics data.


The SSMDI quarterly death match is generated in the months of March, June, September, and December.  Missouri will send a request for an SSMDI match the last Sunday of each of these months.

Staff will receive a quarterly report (FIFDY305-01) of deceased individuals who are in application, active, or suspended status on a food stamp case.  This report is sorted by county office using the caseload number, supervisor number and name, and worker number and name.  Included on the report is the case DCN and case name.  The individual information provided is the matched individual's DCN, social security number, his/her name, date of death, sex, date of birth, and the date the death match was generated.

When the quarterly death match is received by staff, run FPAR and IPAR on each death match to determine the assistance case(s) in which the individual is currently active.  For single person cases, close any active assistance case.  The worker must take prompt action to remove a deceased individual from any case in which s/he is active.  Death matches are considered verified upon receipt for earned income households certified for six months.  Record on the death match report the action taken on the match.  If applicable, determine if a claim is necessary for the month(s) benefits were received incorrectly according to appropriate policy for the matched individual.  File the death match report in the food stamp section of the case record.


Staff will continue to send a Third Party Query (TPQY) using IIVE to request information from SSA when the applicant or participant is unable to provide information or verification regarding cash benefits from SSA, Black Lung, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs or Medicare eligibility.  A new field, "Food Stamps?", is added to IIVE for staff to indicate if the individual has applied for or is active on a food stamp case. 

Entering a "Y" will generate death match information in addition to the usual information.  If a "Y" is not entered, the field will default to an "N" and no death information will be provided.  When the results of the TPQY are received, print the information, take appropriate action, and file the TPQY response in the case record.


Thirty days after a match from either source (SSMDI or IIVE) is sent to the county office, a follow-up listing will be sent to the worker.  The follow-up listing will be generated monthly.  The matched individual will continue to appear on the monthly listing until the worker removes the individual from all active assistance cases.  A copy of the listing is also sent to the supervisor and to the Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit for monitoring purposes.


In some instances, information sent to SSA does not meet all match criteria for an individual who may be deceased.  This happens when:

  • the social security number of an individual is incorrectly reported to SSA,
  • a different person is using the social security number of an individual,
  • an incorrect date of birth is used for an individual, or
  • an incorrect name and date of birth associated with a social security number does not   match SSA. (The social security number is being used by another individual.)
When completing the quarterly death match if all match criteria is not met for any of the reasons listed above, SSA provides a response which indicates the reason the match could not occur.  Verify and correct discrepancies in the date of birth, social security number, name, or sex and update the system using the SUPD screen.  Use IIVE to obtain a death match. Discrepancies not resolved and corrected in the system will result in the individual appearing on the next quarterly death match.

When SSA receives an IIVE with an incorrect social security number for an individual, a "*" will appear in the SSA status field and the social security number on file at SSA will be shown in the SSA response field.  An incorrect date of birth (code 3) or an incorrect surname (code 5) will also be shown in the SSA status field.  SSA will provide the date of birth shown on SSA's records in the SSA response field, but will not provide the correct surname.  Staff must review the case record and/or interview the household to correct the discrepancy and update SUPD.  Once the discrepancy is resolved, use IIVE to re-submit the individual for a death match inquiry.

For cases in which the social security number is incorrect in our database, one of the following must occur:

1.       If the social security number is already in the system but  not verified,
          contact IM Data Management to have the social  security number 

2.       If the social security number is verified in the system,  send a copy of the 
          social security card and identifying  information to IM Data Management. 


The match with SSA may incorrectly identify an individual as being deceased.  Staff must contact the individual and instruct him/her to go to the local SSA office to resolve the discrepancy.  Inform the individual to take two types of identification with him/her that verify age and identity.  For example, s/he can bring a birth certificate and photo identification.  If other verification is needed, SSA will notify the individual while s/he is at the SSA office.

After contact with the household, notify the Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit and provide the county name, caseworker name, case name, case DCN and matched individual's name, individual's social security number and DCN.  This is necessary to prevent the individual from appearing on the follow-up listing provided to staff.  The individual will be listed on the next quarterly report if the discrepancy is not resolved with SSA.


Attached to this memorandum are samples of report FIFDY305-01, FIFDY305-02, and FIFDY305-03 with instructions explaining the data on the report.  The IIVE instructions are revised to include the information about the quarterly death match.  The revised pages are attached to this memorandum.  File a copy of the reports and instructions in the IM Forms Manual.  File the revised pages of the IIVE instructions in the Third Party Query (IIVE) instructions.

  • Review this memorandum with all appropriate staff.
  • Take prompt action to close single person cases or remove deceased individuals from any active assistance case(s).  Record on the death match report the action taken on the match.
  • Notify the Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit if it is discovered the matched individual is not deceased.
  • File report number FIFDY305-01, FIFDY305-02, FIFDY305-03, and instructions in the IM Forms Manual
  • File the revised Third Party Query (IIVE) instructions.
Instructions (in Adobe Acrobat):
FIFDY305-02 & 03
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