IM-157  11/26/02  EBT CASE/CARD DELETE

Effective December 17, 2002, EBT cards and EBT cases that have not had activity for one year or longer will be deleted from the EBT Administrative Terminal, EBTU, and EBTI.  This process is called a case/client sweep and will occur on the 17th of every month even if the 17th is on a weekend or holiday.  Activity is defined as authorization of benefits and accessing benefits via POS, ATM, or manual vouchers.  Activity can be by the primary or the alternate payee card.

The case/client sweep process is a four day process that cancels cards, deletes cards, and deletes cases.  Cards already canceled in the Administrative Terminal are deleted first.  Cards not yet canceled that have not had activity for over one year are canceled by the sweep process, then deleted later in the four day process.  The processes of deleting cards and cases are independent of one another.  Cards that were canceled more than one year ago will be deleted even if the case is still active using another card.  The case will not be deleted.  The screens in the Administrative Terminal will show the total number of cards issued to the individual even after the case/client sweep process has deleted some cards.

EXAMPLE:  Mr. A had an EBT card issued to him on 1/1/1998.  That card was canceled on 10/20/2000 and a new card was issued that day.  Mr. A continues to use his second EBT card.  The sweep process on 12/17/2002 deletes his previous card but does not delete the case.  The Administrative Terminal shows Mr. A has had two permanent cards issued.
When an individual has not received food stamp or Temporary Assistance cash benefits for at least eleven months, then reapplies for benefits, verify that the case and card still exist by checking in EBTU, EBTI, or the Administrative Terminal.  If the case/card no longer exist in the Administrative Terminal, take the following action:
  • notify the individual that if s/he currently has a card, the card should be destroyed; and

  • set up a case record in EBTU as for a new case if a Legacy food stamp or Temporary Assistance case or in FAMIS if a FAMIS food stamp case.
  • Discuss this memorandum with appropriate staff.
  • Review EBTU, EBTI, or the Administrative Terminal for applicants who have not received benefits for eleven months or longer to determine if a new EBT card is needed.
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