2004 Memorandums
IM-135      12/27/04
To determine correct federal months of Temporary Assistance received by an individual, it may be necessary to look in both Legacy ITMI (Time Tracking Inquiry) and FAMIS FM6H/TIMETRAK (Time Limit Tracking). Until a Temporary Assistance case is converted removed from the Manual Conversion List and converted, or converted by the system to FAMIS, staff will need to use ITMI in Legacy to access correct information regarding receipt of federally-counted cash benefits.

Continue to use Legacy ITMI for Temporary Assistance cases that have not been converted and for Temporary Assistance cases that are closed prior to being converted. Use FM6H/TIMETRAK in FAMIS for Temporary Assistance cases that have been taken through the conversion process.

When taking an application or responding to an inquiry for Temporary Assistance on a person not known to FAMIS, access ITMI in Legacy to determine federal months of Temporary Assistance used by the individual. Upon completion of state-wide conversion of Temporary Assistance, Temporary Assistance cases that were inactive will have their history updated to FAMIS, and ITMI data will transfer to FM6H/TIMETRAK. ITMI will no longer be available in Legacy after this process is complete.

  • Review this memorandum with appropriate staff.