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IM-141 12/30/04
Food Stamp Charts
IM-140 12/30/04
Food Stamp Manual Revision #35
IM-139 12/28/04
Food Stamp Application Is Required Before An Interview Is Conducted
IM-138 12/28/04
Form IM-87, Application For State Hearing
IM-137 12/27/04
FA-325 Request For Information Form
IM-136 12/22/04
New Or Changed Managed Reports
IM-135 12/27/04
Temporary Assistance Time Tracking
IM-134 12/22/04
Revised FA-543 and 544; FAMIS Food Stamp Change Reports
IM-133 12/21/04
Pended Food Stamp Applications To Meet The Work Requirement
IM-132 12/10/04
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates, First Quarter 2005
IM-131 12/10/04
SSA/SSI/VA Cost Of Living Adjustments In FAMIS
IM-130 12/09/04
New FAMIS Income Source Codes
IM-129 12/02/04
Increase In Veteran's Administration (VA) Benefits
IM-128 12/02/04
QMB Benefits Guide
IM-127 12/02/04
Increase In Allotments And The Spousal Share; Manual Revision #33
IM-126 12/02/04
January 2005 Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA)
IM-125 12/01/04
Supportive Services Payroll Closing For 2005
IM-124 11/23/04
Ending Child Support Income In FAMIS
IM-123 11/09/04
Temporary Assistance FAMIS Pilot
IM-122 11/09/04
Special Healthcare Needs System Changes. Forms Manual Revision #14: IMU5 Instructions; IMU5 Code Sheet
IM-121 11/17/04
Food Stamp Manual Revision #31: 1105.010.10.07
IM-120 11/17/04
Change Reporting Chart Revision
IM-119 11/05/04
Eliminated FAMIS Income Codes
IM-118 11/05/04
JOBS Conversion Into FAMIS
IM-117 11/05/04
Dependent Care And Mileage For Temporary Assistance And Food Stamp Cases
IM-116 11/05/04
WIA/Subsidized Employment Income Source Codes In FAMIS
IM-115 11/05/04
Revised FAMIS Income Code Descriptions
IM-114 11/05/04
Resource Codes In FAMIS
IM-113 10/28/04
Change In FAMIS Child Support Income Policy
IM-112 10/25/04
2004 Food Stamp Standards Chart History
IM-111 10/22/04
Food Stamp Manual Revision #28
IM-110 10/20/04
Temporary Assistance Income In FAMIS
IM-109 10/20/04
FAMIS Screen Changes And Backout Plan
IM-108 10/20/04
FAMIS Dependent Care Income And Expenses
IM-106 10/01/04
IM-4 Food Stamp “Eat For Health” Brochure; Forms Manual Revision #13
IM-105 10/01/04
Temporary Assistance Conversion Into FAMIS; Subprograms Converted To FAMIS
IM-104 10/01/04
FAMIS Transfer Policy
IM-103 10/04/04
Food Stamp Manual Revision #27
IM-102 09/28/04
Demand Letter For Overissuance (CARS-3) Revisions
IM-101 09/28/04
Revised Food Stamp Disqualification Procedures
IM-100 09/28/04
Changes To Food Stamp Claims Procedures
IM-099 09/24/04
Resolving Conflicting Actions In FAMIS
IM-098 09/24/04
Categorical Eligibility With FAMIS; Temporary Assistance Implementation
IM-097 09/17/04
Temporary Assistance Families With SSI Members
IM-096 09/16/04
IRS Yearly Match Of 2003 Tax Information
IM-095 09/17/04
Temporary Assistance Conversion Into FAMIS; Temporary Assistance Eligibility Unit Member Roles In FAMIS
IM-094 09/20/04
EBT Manual Revision
IM-093 09/16/04
Food Stamp Manual Revision #26
IM-092 09/15/04
FAMIS Disabled (FMMX) Screen
IM-091 09/15/04
Temporary Assistance Application Processing Timeframe
IM-090 09/15/04
Voter Registration Deadline
IM-089 09/13/04
Food Stamp Policy For Medicare Prescription Drug Cards
IM-088 09/10/04
Deeming Income From A Minor Parent's Parent; Temporary Assistance/Case Management Manual Revision #23
IM-087 09/10/04
Temporary Assistance Sanction Codes
IM-086 09/10/04
Temporary Assistance Conversion Into FAMIS FMAQ (Birth/Death Information) Screen
IM-085 09/08/04
Sixty (60) Month Lifetime Limit; Temporary Assistance Manual Revision #22
IM-084 09/09/04
October Benefit Adjustment
IM-083 09/08/04
New FAMIS Model
IM-082 09/08/04
Counties Exempt From The Work Requirement
IM-081 08/31/04
Supervisor Study – Mailed Surveys
IM-080 08/27/04
Simplified Reporting Manual Revision
IM-078 08/25/04
Spanish Food Stamp Forms
IM-076 08/23/04
Insurance Settlements Received By A Food Stamp EU Due To The Tornadoes In May 2003
IM-075 08/23/04
IM-074 08/13/04
MC+ Outreach
IM-073 08/23/04
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates, Fourth Quarter 2004
IM-072 08/04/04
Spenddown And Medicare Transitional Assistance; (Refer To Memorandum IM-64 06-23-04)
IM-071 08/03/04
Food Stamp METP Hearing Requests
IM-070 07/29/04
Increase in the Medical Assistance Income Limit
IM-069 07/14/04
Food Stamp Manual Revisions
IM-068 07/14/04
Changes In Vendor Medical Assistance Budgeting
IM-067 07/13/04
Special Healthcare Needs Exception To MC+ CHIP Eligibility Requirements
IM-066 06/29/04
Division Of Workforce Development (DWD) Policy
IM-065 06/29/04
Hearings For Failure To Participate/Comply With Work Activities
IM-064 06/23/04
Spenddown And Medicare Transitional Assistance
IM-063 06/18/04
Family Healthcare Manual Revision #15
IM-062 06/14/04
FAMIS SAB And BP Mass Adjustment
IM-061 06/14/04
Ending Or Deleting METP Sanctions
IM-060 06/10/04
Grant Increases And Adjustments In SAB & BP Cases; Forms Manual Revision #10; SAB Manual Revision #14
IM-059 06/10/04
Increases In Vendor Minimum Maintenance Standards And Shelter Standards Adjustments In Vendor Cases
IM-058 06/09/04
Case Management Desk Reference Revisions
IM-057 06/09/04
Non-Parent Caretaker Relative (NPCR) and Unrelated Guardian (URG) Assistance Groups Temporary Assistance Manual Revision #13
IM-056 06/09/04
MC+ Premium Increases - Forms Manual Revision #9; Manual Revision #12
IM-055 06/09/04
Enhancements To The Web-Based Time Study Application
IM-054 06/03/04
Decrease In Medical Assistance For Families (MAF) Income Standard
Family Healthcare Manual Revision #11
IM-053 05/28/04
Temporary Assistance Conversion Into FAMIS Relationship Issues
IM-052 05/27/04
Counties Waived Or Exempted From Meeting The 18-To-50-Year-Old Work Requirement
IM-051 05/27/04
Cooperation With Law Enforcement Personnel
IM-050 05/26/04
Worker Initiated Rejection Of A Food Stamp Application For The First Month
IM-049 05/26/04
Date Of Delinquency For Treasury Offset Program
IM-048 05/26/04
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates, Third Quarter 2004
IM-047 05/24/04
CARS Screens
IM-046 05/18/04
Temporary Assistance Applicants Who Have Used Their 60-Month Lifetime Limit; Forms Manual Revision #8
IM-045 05/17/04
Revised Need Section Of The MAF Manual; Family Healthcare Manual Revision #10
IM-044 05/12/04
Child Care Contracts For Licensed Providers
IM-043 05/17/04
Income Maintenance Cases With A Guardian Or Conservator; Manual Revision #9
IM-042 05/11/04
Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card And Transitional Assistance
IM-041 05/06/04
Eat For Health Tool Kit
IM-040 05/06/04
New FAMIS Reports For Caseworkers/Case Managers
IM-039 05/06/04
FAMIS Comments Policy And Procedure
IM-038 05/05/04
IPAY Changes To Accomadate Reissued Aged Benefits In The Temporary Assistance Program; Forms Manual Revision #7
IM-037 05/05/04
Third Party Liability Resource Form (TPL-1)
IM-036 05/05/04
Voter Registration Policy Added To The On-Line Manual; IM Manual Revision #8: Section 0105.026.00
IM-035 04/27/04
SAVE - New Access Method
IM-034 04/26/04
MA-WD, QDWI, QMB And SLMB Policy Added To The On-Line Manual; IM Manual Revision #7
IM-033 04/07/04
FSD GED Billing Form; Forms Manual Revision #6
IM-032 04/01/04
Division of Workforce Development (DWD) Real Time Inquiry
IM-031 04/01/04
Pending Food Stamp Applications For Sanctioned Individuals
IM-030 03/31/04
Food Stamp Categorical Eligibility Reminder
IM-029 03/25/04
Paternity Establishment Percentage (PEP) Issues
IM-028 03/19/04
Update Of Poverty Income Guidelines
IM-027 03/19/04
Revised Mail-In Food Stamp Application Procedures
IM-026 03/19/04
Revised Food Stamp Application Due Dates/Procedures; Food Stamp Manual Revision #4
IM-025 03/15/04
Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Form (IM-77)
IM-024 03/11/04
Tracking Fair Hearings For Food Stamp Claims
IM-023 03/08/04
Requests For MC+ Applications
IM-022 03/03/04
Change To FA325 Request For Information
IM-021 03/03/04
Community Spouse Becomes Institutionalized; Manual Revision #3: 1030.035.15.03, 1030.035.36
IM-020 03/03/04
Forms Manual Revision #4; IM-55C Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA) Quarterly Report Form (#3)
IM-019 02/27/04
IM-4METP Form Revision
IM-018 02/27/04
Earned Income Credit (EIC); Child Tax Credit (CTC)
IM-017 02/27/04
Grandparents As Foster Parents (GAFP) Clothing Voucher
IM-016 02/27/04
Communication Transmittal (IM-16) Distributed Through Outlook
IM-015 02/27/04
Automated Update Of Address Changes Taken By Division Of Medical Services (DMS)
IM-014 02/19/04
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates, Second Quarter 2004
IM-013 02/26/04
Three New Alerts From Division Of Workforce Development (DWD); Forms Manual Revision #3
IM-012 02/25/04
Address Change
IM-011 02/20/04
Preparing Temporary Assistance Cases For Conversion Into FAMIS
IM-010 02/18/04
Eligible/Ineligible Student Determination For Food Stamps
IM-009  02/02/04
Insurance Settlements Received By A Food Stamp EU Due To The Tornadoes In May 2003
IM-008  01/28/04
Food Stamp Non-Work Months Incorrectly Removed
IM-007  01/22/04
Increase In Average Private Pay Nursing Rate For Transfer Of Property Cases;
Manual Revision #2: Dec 73 Requirements - Section 1040.020.40 Determining The Penalty Period
IM-006  01/22/04
Class Q Allotment (IM-15); Forms Manual Revision #2
IM-005  01/14/04
IM-4 Food Stamp Eat For Health Brochure
IM-004  01/14/04
Food Stamp Social Security Number Verification
IM-003  01/08/04
Food Stamp Eligibility Units Living Out-Of-State And Employment And Training
IM-002  01/02/04
Entering Social Security Income In IMU5 System; Forms Manual Revision #1: IMU5, Appendix D
IM-001  02/13/04
Newborn/MC+ For Pregnant Women Policy Clarifications Family Healthcare Manual Revision #1, Section 0925.020.10.05, Section 0930.010.05-0930.10.20