2005 Memorandums
IM-60      06/07/05




Effective immediately, a new message has been added to FAMIS for the Food Stamp Program to alert workers that management is in question.

Prior to certification, verify any questionable information. Questionable information is information provided by the EU that is inconsistent with other available information. When an EU has more expenses than income, the situation becomes questionable.

When an EU’s income is less than their expenses, the message “Expenses exceed Income: Explore management and comment.” appears at the end of the controlled flow on the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen. Prior to authorizing the benefit, ensure a comment has been made on the EU Member Role (FM3Z) screen. If management is questionable, discuss the situation with the EU and enter a comment on the EU Member Role (FM3Z) screen. If based on information from the discussion it is not reasonable to think the EU is managing, pend for any verification that is needed. If no verification is needed and management is explained, process the case.

EXAMPLE: During the food stamp interview, Ms. Black claims no income. She states she pays rent of $250.00 per month and is responsible for electric and gas costs. Ms. Black states that the rent and utilities are paid by her parents directly to the landlord and the utility company. The worker enters a comment explaining management on the EU Member Role (FM3Z) screen.
EXAMPLE: Mr. White stated during his interview that he had $400 in Social Security (SSA) benefits and pays $600 per month for his mortgage. The message appeared on the Action Authorization prior to authorizing the application, so the caseworker asked Mr. White how he was paying the mortgage. Mr. White stated he sold household goods to make ends meet. The caseworker discussed with Mr. White how often he sells goods, if it is irregular income, and if he is behind in paying his mortgage. Based on the information Mr. White provided, it was reasonable to think that he was managing on his income from SSA and the sale of his household goods. The worker asked Mr. White to provide verification of the income from selling household goods and pended the application.



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