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IM-156  12/30/05
Medicare Part D refer to IM Memo #150 Dated 12/16/05, Frequently asked questions; clarification of question 5
IM-155  12/22/05
Medicare Part D Adverse Action And Pharmacy Co-Payment Notice
IM-154  12/27/05
Case Review System
IM-153  12/20/05
Active Medicaid Recipients Who Enter A Medicaid Certified Facility
IM-152  12/19/05
Discontinue PC Version Of The Administrative Terminal
IM-151  12/19/05
Answers To Common Questions Regarding MC+ CHIP Cases
IM-150  12/16/05
Medicare Modernization Act Of 2003; Medicare Part D
IM-149  12/16/05
National New Hire Match
IM-148  12/15/05
Medicare Prescription Drug Plan New Expense Code For Medicare Part D
IM-147  12/13/05
Revised Food Stamp Sanction Procedure For Noncompliance With Quality Control Review
IM-146  12/01/05
FAMIS SSI/SSA/VA/RR Cost Of Living Adjustment
IM-145  12/01/05
Increase In Allotments And The Spousal Share
IM-144  12/01/05
Increase In Veteran's Administration (VA) Benefits
IM-143  12/05/05
Clarification Of Food Stamp Work Registration Exemption
IM-142  12/05/05
Food Stamp Manual Revision #41
IM-141  11/29/05
January 2006 Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA)
IM-140  11/30/05
Food Stamp Manual Revision #39
IM-139  11/30/05
Electronic Access To Department Of Revenue Records - Motor Vehicle And Marine Systems
IM-138  11/21/05
QMB Benefits Guide
IM-137  11/21/05
Food Stamp Manual Revision #37
IM-136  11/21/05
Child Support Obligation Displayed On The FAMIS Interface Screen
IM-135  11/17/05
Notification Of Revised Voter Registration Application
IM-134  11/10/05
Clarification Of The QMB, SLMB & SLMB-2 (QI-1) Application And Approval Process And Medicare Buy-In
IM-133  11/10/05
Form IM-145A, Interim Change Recording Form And Instructions
IM-132  11/09/05
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates, First Quarter 2006
IM-131  11/07/05
Revised Income Verification Policy For Medicaid/MC+ And Adult Cash Assistance Programs
IM-130  11/04/05
Changes To MC+ Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
IM-129  11/08/05
IM-31A, Request For Information (Spanish)
IM-128  11/10/05
IM-4 (EBT) Revision
IM-127  10/28/05
Manually Calculating A Food Stamp Budget
IM-126  10/28/05
Visual Disability Examination Report (IM-68)
IM-125  10/24/05
Wilson vs. Sherman Lawsuit Settlement
IM-124  10/21/05
New Edits For Utility Expenses
IM-123  10/20/05
Reporting Requirement For Certified Food Stamp Change Reporters
IM-122  10/20/05
EBT Scams
IM-121  10/20/05
Revised IM-311 Missouri Employment And Training Program (METP) Referral And Response Form
IM-120  10/13/05
Revised Temporary Assistance And Medicaid Evacuee Policy For Hurricane Rita
IM-119  10/07/05
Tax Equity And Fiscal Responsibility Act Of 1982 (TEFRA) Liens
IM-118  10/07/05
IMU5 Changes
IM-117  10/07/05
Invoicing The Transitional CHIP LOC 2 Cases
IM-116  10/05/05
Medicaid Reinvestigations For Active Department Of Mental Health Clients
IM-115  10/14/05
IM-4FS Eat For Health Pamphlet
IM-114  09/28/05
ebtEDGE Blank Card Number
IM-113  09/28/05
Revised Food Stamp Evacuee Policy For Hurricane Rita And Texas Contact Numbers
IM-112  09/23/05
Evacuee Policy For Hurricane Rita
IM-111  09/15/05
Enhanced Food Stamp Evacuee Policy
IM-110  09/09/05
IRS Yearly Match Of 2004 Tax Information
IM-109  09/09/05
New Living Arrangement Code In FAMIS
IM-108  09/09/05
Informational Flyer For Hurricane Katrina Evacuees
IM-107  09/09/05
Treatment Of Social Security Benefits For Victims Of Hurricane Katrina
IM-106  09/09/05
Hurricane Katrina Affected County/Parish Update
IM-105  09/09/05
Food Stamp/Temporary Assistance Interview Guide For Hurricane Katrina Evacuees
IM-104  09/08/05
Income Maintenance Application Processing For Hurricane Katrina Victims
IM-103  09/02/05
Revised Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medicaid Services
IM-102  09/01/05
October Benefit Adjustment
IM-101  09/01/05
Changes To Conversion Process For MC+ Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
IM-100  09/01/05
Victims of Hurricane Katrina
IM-99  08/31/05
Allocation Of Income Before Assets To Meet The Needs Of A Community Spouse
IM-98  08/31/05
Ending Food Stamp Voluntary Job Quit And Work Effort Reduction Sanctions
IM-97  08/31/05
New Message For Expedited Service Discovery Date
IM-96  08/26/05
Supplemental Aid to the Blind/Temporary Assistance Combination Cases Policy Clarification Temporary Assistance Manual Revision #28
IM-95  08/26/05
Annuities as an available Resource or Transfer of Property Manual Revision # 27
IM-94  08/25/05
Reduction in Presumptive Eligibility Income Limit; Family Healthcare Manual Revision #26
IM-93  08/24/05
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Fourth Quarter 2005
IM-92  08/24/05
IM-31, Appointment Letter/Request for Contact and Instructions
IM-91  08/24/05
Food Stamp “Reporting Changes for the Food Stamp Program” Pamphlet
IM-90  08/24/05
Medical Mileage Includes Mileage to a Pharmacy; Food Stamp Manual Update #25
IM-89  08/23/05
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medicaid Services
IM-88  08/22/05
Transfer of Teen Parent Work Activities to DWD
IM-87  08/18/05
Student Eligibility Criteria For Working Students, And Budgeting Ineligible Student Contributions To The EU
IM-86  08/11/05
Removal Of The Deprived Of Parental Support Screen (FM89) From The Temporary Assistance Control Flow
IM-85  08/05/05
Mass Adjustment Of Medical Assistance Cases Due To Changes In Income Limits
IM-84  08/05/05
Food Stamp Manual Revision
IM-83  08/02/05
Changes To MC+ Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
IM-82  08/01/05
New Field On Supercase Resident Maintenance (FM0L Or INHOME)
IM-81  07/28/05
Notice Regarding Services For Medicaid And MC+ Adults
IM-80  07/28/05
New FAMIS Income Source Code
IM-79  07/27/05
Disclosure Policy For The National School Lunch Program
IM-78  07/27/05
FAMIS Code “NFF” Redefined
IM-77  07/25/05
New Worker Initiated Reason Codes For The Food Stamp Program
IM-76  07/21/05
Food Stamp Budget Summary And Income Summary Detail Screen Change
IM-75  07/11/05
Elimination Of Medical Assistance For Workers With Disabilities
IM-74  07/07/05
Details For Food Stamp Actions Created By DWD
IM-73  07/07/05
Change To Description Of Real Property In FAMIS And The Interview Summary
IM-72  07/01/05
EBT Administrative Terminal Moving To The Web
IM-71  06/30/05
Phasing Out Case Management
IM-70  06/29/05
Form FS-1, Applicant's Eligibility Statement
IM-69  06/27/05
Reduction In The Medical Assistance (OAA/PTD) Income Limit
IM-68  06/16/05
Disregarded Food Stamp Action Report Added To Managed Reports
IM-67  06/14/05
Food Stamp Program Reinvestment Activities
IM-66  06/14/05
Certificate Of Consular Registration Matricula Consular (MCAS) ID Card
IM-65  06/13/05
Medicare Modernization Act Of 2003; Medicare Part D Update
IM-64  06/09/05
MC+ Premium Increases; Forms Manual Revision #4; Manual Revision #20
IM-63  06/08/05
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Third Quarter 2005
IM-62  06/08/05
Temporary Assistance Claims Automation
IM-61  06/07//05
Mileage Rate Increase
IM-60  06/07/05
New Message For Management
IM-59  06/03/05
FAMIS SAB and BP Mass Adjustment
IM-58  06/03/05
Revision of Categorical Eligibility Status for EUS with A Disqualified Member
IM-57  06/02/05
Increases In Vendor Minimum Maintenance Standards and Shelter Standards Adjustments in Vendor Cases
IM-56  06/02/05
Grant Increases and Adjustments in SAB & BP Cases
IM-55  06/02/05
Termination of the Grandparents As Foster Parents (GAFP) Program
IM-54  06/02/05
Elimination of the Extended Transitional Medical Assistance (ETMA) Program
IM-53  06/01/05
Elimination of General Relief State Medical Benefits
IM-52  05/26/05
2005 Program Changes
IM-51  05/24/05
Entering Real Property In FAMIS
IM-50  05/20/05
Verification Codes In FAMIS
IM-49  05/19/05
Form IM-110, Statement Of Loss/Replacement Request, And Instructions
Form IM-113, Replacement Request/Affidavit For Food Stamp Benefits Lost From EBT Account And Instructions
IM-48  05/20/05
Card Holder Access To EBT Administrative Terminal
IM-47  05/19/05
Clarification For Verification Of Medical Expenses
IM-46  05/13/05
Decrease In Medical Assistance For Families (MAF) Income Standard
IM-45  05/11/05
DA-124 Screens, IMNF
IM-44  05/10/05
Budgeting Temporary Assistance Recoupment for Food Stamp Program
IM-43  05/10/05
Revised Hearing Procedures
IM-42  05/04/05
Food Stamp Policy Prohibition In Increasing Food Stamp Benefits And Temporary Assistance (TA) Sanction For Non-Compliance With Division Of Workforce Development (DWD)
IM-41  05/04/05
Access To EBT Customer Service Help Desk No Longer Available From A Payphone
IM-40  04/28/05
CARS Demand Letter CARS-3 (OTSTAT)
IM-39  04/28/05
Incorrect Offset Of Restored Food Stamp Benefits
IM-38  04/26/05
Counties Waived Or Exempted From Meeting The 18-To-50-Year-Old Work Requirement
IM-37  04/26/05
New FAMIS Income Source Codes
IM-36  04/21/05
Grant Increases and Adjustments in SAB & BP Cases
IM-35  04/20/05
Changes To Food Stamp Income Exclusions
IM-34  04/18/05
FAMIS Entry Of Temporary Assistance Child In The Home Eligibility Verification Requirement
IM-33  04/15/05
Food Stamp Dependent Care Expense Policy Change
IM-32  04/14/05
Retailer Initiated Food Stamp Adjustments
IM-31  04/14/05
Changes To Categorical Eligibility
IM-30  04/12/05
Verification Of Medical Expenses
IM-29  04/12/05
CARS User Guides
IM-28  04/06/05
Temporary Waiver Notices From Division Of Workforce Development (DWD)
IM-27  04/06/05
Food Stamp Simplified Reporting Individual Moves To Nursing Home
IM-26  04/06/05
Federal Poverty Level Change For The Grandparents As Foster Parents Program
IM-24  03/21/05
FAMIS Income Code Type Revision
IM-23  03/18/05
Temporary Assistance (TA) Sanction For Non-Compliance With Division Of Workforce Development (DWD)
IM-22  03/17/05
Update Of Poverty Income Guidelines For The MC+ Program For Children And Pregnant Women; MAF, Transitional Medical Assistance, Medical Assistance, MA-WD, QMB, SLMB, QI-1, General Relief Support Determinations, And QDWI
IM-21  03/14/05
New Income Code For Increased Military Pay For Deployment To A Designated Combat Zone
IM-20  03/14/05
Recoupment Field Added To CARS
IM-19  03/03/05
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates, Second Quarter 2005
IM-18  03/03/05
WIA Employment Income Source Codes In FAMIS
IM-17  02/28/05
Update Of Section 1619 Threshold Amount
IM-16  02/16/05
Expanded Food Stamp Eligibility Of Victims Of Severe Trafficking
IM-15  02/24/05
Revised IM-112 Action Taken On Your Food Stamp Case
IM-14  02/08/05
FSD Newsletter
IM-13  02/08/05
2005 Food Stamp Outreach Program With H&R Block
IM-12  02/08/05
Questions And Answers From The 'Projecting Income And Simplified Reporting' Training
IM-11  02/07/05
Tracking Requests For Policy Interpretation
IM-10  02/04/05
DWD MQ Data Exchange For Food Stamp Program
IM-9  01/31/05
Automated Reinvestigations Of Income Maintenance Cases In Legacy
IM-8  01/31/05
Temporary Assistance Reinvestigations
IM-7  01/31/05
Increase In Average Private Pay Nursing Rate For Transfer Of Property Cases
IM-6  01/21/05
Temporary Assistance Implementation In FAMIS And Voluntary Job Quit
IM-5  01/13/05
EBT Cards And Pins Mailed To The County Office
IM-4  01/06/05
New FAMIS Payment Status Code
IM-3  01/04/05
IMU5 Non-Citizen Edits
IM-2  01/05/05
Temporary Assistance FAMIS Implementation
IM-1  01/03/05
Income Expense Policy Clarification