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Effective April 1, 2006, the counties that are waived or exempted from meeting the 18-to-50 year-old work requirements are changed. The change affects April 2006 food stamp benefits.

Missouri received approval to waive 16 counties and the city of St. Louis from meeting the 18-to-50-year-old work requirement effective April 2006. This approval is for a two year period, ending March 31, 2008. The work requirement is for 18-to-50-year-old able bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDS) to work or participate in an approved training program an average of 20 hours per week.

Waived Counties

The following counties are waived due to an insufficient number of jobs to provide employment for individuals residing in the area.

035 Dunklin

072 New Madrid

106 Taney

043 Hickory

078 Pemiscot

107 Texas

047 Iron

090 Reynolds

110 Washington

053 Laclede

101 Shannon

111 Wayne

058 Linn

104 Stone

115 St. Louis City

067 Mississippi

105 Sullivan


FAMIS considers individuals in these counties as waived from the 18-to-50-year-old work requirements. The worker does not have to enter a waiver code and the Training/Work Requirement (FMMR) screen does not appear in the controlled flow.

Exempt Counties

Federal regulations allow each state to develop policy that exempts up to 15% of the ABAWD population from the work requirement.

We have determined the following counties are exempt from the 18-to-50-year-old work requirements effective April 1, 2006.

001 Adair

034 Douglas*

076 Osage

002 Andrew

037 Gasconade

077 Ozark

003 Atchison

038 Gentry

079 Perry

004 Audrain

040 Grundy

080 Pettis

005 Barry

041 Harrison

081 Phelps

006 Barton

042 Henry

082 Pike

007 Bates*

044 Holt

083 Platte

008 Benton*

045 Howard

084 Polk

009 Bollinger

046 Howell

085 Pulaski

012 Butler

048 Jackson

086 Putnam

013 Caldwell*

051 Johnson

087 Ralls

014 Callaway

052 Knox

088 Randolph

015 Camden

054 Lafayette

089 Ray

016 Cape Girardeau

055 Lawrence

091 Ripley*

017 Carroll

056 Lewis

097 Saline

018 Carter

057 Lincoln

098 Schuyler

019 Cass

059 Livingston

099 Scotland

020 Cedar

061 Macon

100 Scott

021 Chariton*

062 Madison*

102 Shelby

022 Christian

063 Maries

093 St. Clair

023 Clark*

064 Marion

094 St. Francois*

024 Clay

060 McDonald

095 Ste. Genevieve

025 Clinton

065 Mercer

103 Stoddard

027 Cooper

066 Miller*

108 Vernon

028 Crawford*

068 Moniteau

109 Warren

029 Dade

069 Monroe*

112 Webster

030 Dallas

070 Montgomery

113 Worth

031 Daviess

071 Morgan*

114 Wright*

032 DeKalb

074 Nodaway


033 Dent

075 Oregon


*Newly Exempted County

FAMIS considers individuals in these counties as exempt from the 18-to-50-year-old work requirement. The worker does not have to enter an exempt code and the Training/Work Requirement (FMMR) screen does not appear in the controlled flow.

FMMR Entries

The Training/Work Requirement (FMMR) screen is used to track non-work months in FAMIS. Remove April 2006, and later months from the FMMR screen if entered as non-work months for individuals who move from a non-waived or non-exempted county to a waived or exempted county during these months. When making entries on the FMMR screen, do not enter non-work months for any month in which an individual subject to the 18-to-50-year-old work requirement resides in a waived or exempted county or city. Refer to the Adding and Updating Training/Work Requirement user guide for instructions. To view the user guide:

Individuals or EUs already rejected for April 2006 due to Work Requirement

If an individual moves to a waived or exempted county and has been rejected for April 2006 due to non-work months, review the case to determine if food stamp benefits are due the EU. If additional benefits are due for April 2006 for an active EU, issue the benefits on WIBCA.

If the EU is rejected for April 2006 due to having used 6 non-work months in 36 months, re-register the application using the original application date. If the original application date is more than 30 days prior to the current date, use the earliest possible registration date. The EU is eligible for food stamp benefits no earlier than April 1, 2006. Complete a WIBCA to issue supplemental benefits.

EXAMPLE: On May 7, 2006, the worker in a waived county determines Mr. B. was rejected for 6 non-work months. Mr. B. applied March 20, 2006, and had been residing in a non-waived/exempted county. Mr. B. moved to the waived county on April 1, 2006. The worker registers the application date as April 7, 2006, as the original application date was more than 30 days in the past, and authorizes benefits. Since Mr. B. is eligible for food stamp benefits from April 1, 2006, the next day the worker completes a WIBCA budget using April information and enters April 1, 2006 as the prorate date. The additional benefits are issued from WIBCA.

18-to-50-year-old Work Requirement Flyer

Flyers listing this year's waived or exempt counties (in Adobe Acrobat) and previous years' waived or exempt counties are on the Intranet. To view the History of Counties Waived from the Work Requirement pdf logo or the History of Counties Exempt from the Work Requirement pdf logo listing:

Make these flyers available to community groups, local food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, etc. for distribution to individuals that may be affected by the waiver or exemption.



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