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IM-117  12/27/06
Form IM-3, Changes You Must Report and Instructions
IM-116  12/27/06
ABAWD 3 Non-Work Months System Changes
IM-115  12/27/06
Entering, Updating Or Ending An Authorized Representative Or Protective Payee
IM-114  12/19/06
Clarification Of Procedures For Submitting Medical Information To The Medical Review Team
IM-113  12/19/06
Client Services Postcard With Instructions Pending
IM-112  12/14/06
Increase In Allotments And The Spousal Share
IM-111  12/14/06
Increase In Veteran's Administration (VA) Benefits
IM-110  12/13/06
QMB Benefits Guide
IM-109  12/08/06
January 2007 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA); Income Maintenance Programs
IM-108  12/07/06
18-To-50-Year Old Work Requirement Flyer
IM-107  12/07/06
FAMIS SSI/SSA/VA/RR Cost of Living Adjustment
IM-106  12/07/06
ABAWD Non-Work Months Change
IM-105  12/14/06
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, First Quarter 2007
IM-104  12/04/06
FAMIS Non-Citizen Information Screen (FMML) Changes
IM-103  11/06/06
IM-102  11/03/06
The Missouri Rx Plan (MoRx) And Application Forms
IM-101  11/02/06
Additional County Waived From Meeting The 18-to-50 Year Old Work Requirement
IM-100  10/20/06
Counties Waived or Exempted From Meeting The 18-to-50-Year-Old Work Requirement
IM-99  10/30/06
New Migration Date For Family Medical Assistance (FAM) Move To FAMIS And Change In Backout Plan
IM-98  10/17/06
FAMIS Screen Changes And Backout Plan
IM-97  10/17/06
Family Medical Assistance FAMIS Pilot
IM-96  10/17/06
Family Medical Assistance FAMIS Training Plan
IM-95  10/17/06
Family Healthcare Programs Move To FAMIS As Family Medical Assistance (FAM)
IM-94  10/17/06
Guard At Home Program
IM-93  10/13/06
DA-124C: Report #FIM31206-01
IM-92  10/13/06
DA-124 A/B, DA-124C, and DA-124C (ATT) Available Online
IM-91  10/12/06
Medicare Part D Open Enrollment And Loss Of Eligibility For Low Income Subsidy
IM-90  10/11/06
Medicaid Provider List Screen (MPRT)
IM-89  10/11/06
Citizenship And Id Pending Over 90 Days: Report #FIM31041-01
IM-88  10/04/06
Income Expense Codes In FAMIS
IM-87  09/27/06
The Income Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) IRS Match - Instructions For IIRS Screen
IM-86  09/19/06
Form IM-39, Request For Employment Security Information - Outside The State Of Missouri And Instructions
IM-85  09/19/06
Form IM-39A, Request For Public Assistance Information - Outside The State Of Missouri And Instructions
IM-84  08/31/06
October Benefit Adjustment
IM-83  09/01/06
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates, Fourth Quarter 2006
IM-82  08/31/06
Drug Addiction And Alcoholic Treatment And Rehabilitation Programs
IM-81  08/31/06
Income Exclusions Food Stamp Manual Revision
IM-80  08/28/06
Food Stamp Benefit Replacement
IM-79  08/17/06
Reduction In The Number Of Hours Worked By An ABAWD EU Member
IM-78  08/17/06
Food Stamp Applicant Change Reporting Requirement
IM-77  08/17/06
Timely Rejecting Food Stamp Applications
IM-76  08/15/06
IMU5 “Update” Case Accessibility
IM-75  08/11/06
Income Maintenance Forms IM-60, IM-60A, IM-61
IM-74  07/27/06
Removal Of Work Reduction Question From Temporary Assistance Controlled Flow
IM-73  07/25/06
Citizenship Verification Requirement For Medicaid Programs And Its Effect On The Temporary Assistance And Food Stamp Programs
IM-72  07/18/06
Forms IM-1U, MC+ Annual Review; IM-1UA, Missouri MC+ Application; Forms Manual Revision #12
IM-71  07/10/06
IMU5 Code Sheet Forms Manual Revision #11
IM-70  07/07/06
Exemption of SSI Recipients and Medicare Recipients from Providing Documentation of Citizenship and Identity for Medicaid Benefits
IM-69  07/07/06
TA Work Requirement and TA Work Requirement History Screens
IM-68  06/30/06
Rolling Calendar Implementation for CHIP Premium Cases; MPNI Updates
IM-67  06/27/06
Mileage Rate Increase
IM-66  06/23/06
Citizenship Verification Requirement Changes For Medicaid Programs
IM-65  06/19/06
MC+ Premium Change
IM-64  06/15/06
Affordable Insurance Standards Change
IM-63  06/15/06
Grant Increases And Adjustments In SAB & BP Cases
IM-62  06/15/06
Increases In Vendor Minimum Maintenance Standards And Shelter Standards Adjustment In Vendor Cases
IM-61  06/14/06
FAMIS SAB And BP Mass Adjustment
IM-60  06/12/06
Newborn (G Level of Care) Applications and Approvals
IM-59  06/12/06
Revised IM-4 (Hearing Rights)
IM-58  06/07/06
Form IM-112, Action Taken On Your Food Stamp Case And Instructions
IM-57  06/01/06
EBT Optional ID
IM-56  05/25/06
Change Of Address For Division Of Medical Services Spenddown And MC+ CHIP Premium Payments
IM-55  05/22/06
IM-4 Medical Assistance Spenddown Pamphlet
IM-54  05/18/06
IM-4 Fraud Pamphlet
IM-53  05/24/06
Form IM-2A, Blind Pension Supplement; Form IM-2B, Statement Of Parent Or Sighted Spouse With Instructions
IM-52  05/12/06
Open Eligibility for MC+ Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Premium Cases Level of Care 2
IM-51  05/09/06
Form IM-9, Insurance And Prepaid Burial Letter With Instructions
IM-50  05/16/06
Form IM-89, Agency Representative Food Stamp Hearing Control Log And Instructions
IM-49  05/09/06
Under Parental Control For Food Stamp Eligibility
IM-48  04/26/06
Quarterly Wage Match Income Reporting Change
IM-47  04/25/06
Budgeting Utility Standards in FAMIS; Food Stamp Manual Update #11 1115.035.25.25
IM-46  04/24/06
Insurance Payments Received by a Food Stamp EU due to the Tornadoes in March and April 2006
IM-45  04/18/06
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates, Third Quarter 2006
IM-44  04/18/06
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding MC+ CHIP Cases Invoicing And Premium Payment
IM-43  04/17/06
Food Stamp Strategies Of Success For FY2006
IM-42  04/14/06
Income Maintenance Form IM-2D, Reinvestigation - Eligibility Statement
IM-41  04/10/06
Action Required for Quality Control Reviews
IM-40  04/17/06
One Call PIN Select
IM-39  04/10/06
Entering Quality Control Disqualifications In FAMIS
IM-38  04/05/06
Residency Requirement For Food Stamp Applications
IM-37  04/04/06
Students In Institutions Of Higher Education
IM-36  04/04/06
Utility Expenses Paid By An Ineligible Student For The Food Stamp Program
IM-35  03/31/06
Medicaid Expense Or Child Care Sliding Fee Changes And Change Reporting Requirement For Migrant/Seasonal Farm Worker And Elderly/Disabled Eligibility Units
IM-34  03/31/06
Revised FA-150, Action Notice And FA-510, Adverse Action Notice
IM-33  03/27/06
Update Of Section 1619 Threshold Amount Manual Revision #6: Section 0850.005.20
IM-32  03/24/06
Long-Term Care Eligibility Changes Due To DRA Of 2005
IM-31  03/24/06
Counties Waived Or Exempted From Meeting The 18-To-50-Year-Old Work Requirement
IM-30  03/24/06
Daily And Weekly CARS Reports
IM-29  03/20/06
Food Stamp Applications Made Out of the Office Due To March 2006 Storms
IM-28  03/17/06
Update Of Poverty Income Guidelines For The MC+ Program For Children And Pregnant Women, Transitional Medical Assistance, Medical Assistance, QMB, SLMB, QI-1 And QDWI
IM-27  02/28/06
Revision To MC+ For Kids Premium Group - Frequently Asked Questions
IM-26  02/28/06
Dual Eligibility for Medical Assistance for Families (MAF) and MC+ for Pregnant Women (MPW)
IM-25  03/01/06
IM-4 Fraud Pamphlet
IM-24  02/21/06
Food Stamp Manual Revision #4; Categorical Eligibility
IM-23  02/21/06
Food Stamp Manual Revision #3; Definitions
IM-22  02/21/06
IM-31B, IM-31C, And IM-31F, And Instructions; Food Stamp Manual Revision #1
IM-21  02/21/06
Eligibility Unit Members With An Included (IC) EU Member Role
IM-20  02/15/06
IM-4 (EBT) Spanish
IM-19  02/14/06
Clarification Of Employee Maintenance Function In The Case Review System
IM-18  02/08/06
Cancel Closed Cases
IM-17  02/08/06
Retrieving And Printing Notices In FAMIS For A Fair Hearing Request
IM-16  02/08/06
Case Reading Report In Managed Reporting
IM-15  01/31/06
Paternity Establishment Percentage (PEP)
IM-14  01/30/06
Temporarily Excluded Individuals
IM-13  01/27/06
MC+ Premium Group And Spenddown Pay-In Frequently Asked Questions
IM-12  01/26/06
Mediation Achieving Results For Children (M.A.R.C.H.)
IM-11  01/25/06
Increase In Average Private Pay Nursing Rate For Transfer Of Property Cases
IM-10  01/25/06
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates, Second Quarter 2006
IM-9  01/25/06
Income And Resources Codes For Plan For Achieving Self-Support (PASS) Monies
IM-8  01/25/06
EBT Voluntary Repayment
IM-7  01/25/06
New Hire Match: Report # FIF66140-01
IM-6  01/23/06
FAMIS System Enhancement: Matching Income Expense Codes To Income Source Codes
IM-5  01/23/06
Procedures For Insufficient Spenddown Payments And Withdrawals
IM-4  01/18/06
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Letter
IM-3  01/13/06
Transfer Of Remaining Active Cases In A Work Activity To Division Of Workforce Development (DWD)
IM-2  01/13/06
Medicare Part D Update
IM-1  01/11/06
PC-1, Presumptive Eligibility Determination