2006 Memorandums
IM-76      08/15/06




All Family Support Division workers, with IMU5 access, now have the ability to use the “Update Case” Menu Option on the computer's “A” Start Up screen. This option allows workers to make case actions effective immediately, eliminating the over-night editing process.

Income Maintenance (IM) screens show the new case action information immediately after the case is “Updated.” Some Division of Medical Services (DMS) screens will not show the changes until the next day, as they require an overnight crossover. Screens and other information used by workers and providers that require the overnight crossover are:

Steps required to “Update”

To successfully update a case in IMU5, take the following steps:

  1. Enter the case action;

  2. Edit the case, making needed corrections. Once the case passes edits,

  3. Enter “U” (Update Case) in “Enter Update Selection” field. Once the case successfully updates, a “Transaction Accepted” message will appear at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: Workers may choose to eliminate step two, as entering the “U” for updating will also act as an editing process.

Benefits to “Update” Access:

Some of the benefits of having this access:



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