2006 Memorandums
IM-84      08/31/06


Food Stamp Basis of Issuance Tables


The weekend of September 2, 2006, the October food stamp mass adjustments will occur. This memorandum addresses the following issues related to the mass adjustments:

Increased Allotments, Maximums, and Deductions

The following changes are made during the mass adjustment:

Update Process

The Food Stamp Budget Summary (FM4A) and the Worker Initiated Budget Calculation Area - WIBCA (FMXN) are updated with the new amounts for October 2006 budgets effective September 2, 2006. While the updates are being completed, FAMIS will be in inquiry mode only and no actions can be taken until September 5, 2006.

After the eligibility determination is run during the mass adjustments, the eligibility specialists can see the following actions on cases active in FAMIS, depending on the action taken during mass adjustments:

The reason field on the Action Authorization (FM3H) screen displays TUA - Table Update Adjustments (system) for the mass adjustments. To inquire why an action is taken, on the EU Action Log (FM40), select the action, and press F17=INQAUTH. The Action Authorization screen appears. Press F19=REASON. The reason code and the code description appear. After payroll close on September 22, 2006, the Payment History (FM5F) screen will display the appropriate allotment for each EU.

Decreased Benefits or Case Closings

Some EUs will receive adverse actions to decrease their benefits or close their case after the mass adjustments. This will happen if the EU is subject to simplified reporting and there are disregarded changes in FAMIS. As the mass adjustment is considered a change that must be acted on, and all cases are required to be adjusted to accurately reflect deductions and benefit amounts, all information known to FAMIS at the time of the mass adjustment is used to determine eligibility. There will be no 10 day waiting period prior to authorization of the adverse action, as this is a change that must not be disregarded.

An FA-510 Adverse Action notice will be sent to the EU notifying them of the proposed reduction or closing action.

Conflict of Actions

FAMIS adjusts active cases even if the case has a pending adverse action. However, this results in a conflict of actions. The eligibility specialist receives the alerts “Action Not Authorized” and “Adverse Action Needs Resolving”. The pending adverse action must be voided, per Memorandum IM-#99 dated September 24, 2004. The eligibility specialist can access the Action Resolution screen (FM50 or ACTRES) to void the first adverse actions. Refer to the user guide Changing an Adverse Action Status for instructions. After the adverse action is voided, access the Eligibility Determination Resolution screen (FM3Y or EDRES) to run a new eligibility determination. If the action is a benefit reduction or closing, authorize the new adverse action.

Cases Not Adjusted

The cases listed below are not adjusted during the mass change. The cases are either pending applications or pending changes that require the eligibility specialist to take an action. When the eligibility specialist completes the appropriate action, the case will be automatically adjusted.


All EUs with an allotment that increases or does not change are sent an FA-150 Action Notice. The notice informs EUs of the following:

EUs that are to be closed or with an allotment that decreases will receive an FA-510 Adverse Action notice, for changes effective for October 2006. The notice informs EUs of the following:

Staff may view the notices on the Document Queue (FMVM) screen.


FBCA is not updated with the new information. If a claim is being calculated for an overpayment that begins prior to 10/2000, use FBCA to determine the correct allotments for the months prior to 10/2000. Use WIBCA to determine the correct allotments for 10/2000 and later. If FBCA is used for 10/2003 and later, it will show incorrect allotments.

Manual Revision

The Food Stamp Manual is revised online. The revisions include:

The following charts are revised on the Intranet:

IM-4FS Eat for Health

The IM-4FS Eat for Health pamphlet has been revised to reflect the October 2006 changes. An initial distribution is being sent to the county offices. Upon receipt, destroy/recycle all versions of the brochure with a revision date prior to 09/06. The pamphlet will be available in the Forms Manual on the Intranet soon. The revised pamphlet will also be available on the Internet for individuals who access the site to read about the Food Stamp Program.



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