2006 Memorandums
IM-94      10/17/06




The Missouri Division of Workforce Development announced a new service offered at Missouri Career Centers. Governor Blunt signed House Bill 1787 creating the Guard at Home Program to help spouses of deployed Missouri Guard and Reserve troops. This program, funded through federal workforce funds, provides services to the families of veterans to address their immediate needs by assisting with employment opportunities to help keep the family from falling into poverty while the primary income earner is on active duty deployment.

The spouse of an active duty National Guard or Reserve component member qualifies for the program if:

A returning National Guard or Reservist who needs assistance with finding work in situations where an individual needs to rebuild business clientele or where an individual's job has been eliminated while such individual was deployed may also qualify for the program.


Some of the benefits of the services may include:

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: Aside from regular WIA documentation, the following information is required:

SERVICE AVAILABILITY: Services are available in the Central, Ozark, Kansas City area, West Central, Southwest, Southeast, and the St. Louis County workforce regions. For a map of Missouri's Workforce Regions or for more information about the program, go to

Attached to this memorandum is a copy of a flyer for the Guard at Home Program pdf logo. Post this flyer in the reception area and areas where individuals are seen. Upon request, provide a copy of the attached Applicant Statement. Inform the individual to take the Applicant Statement to the Missouri Career Center servicing their area.



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