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Federal Regulations require that State Agencies keep a log of feedback filed by participants, potential participants, or other individuals/groups. The purpose of maintaining a record of feedback is for county and state management to evaluate whether there is a trend that requires corrective action and for employee appraisals. The log also records positive feedback that can be used for employee appraisals.

Effective immediately, all county offices must maintain a record of all program feedback. County supervision/management must review the log periodically, but at least quarterly, to determine if there is a trend in the feedback provided.

Feedback required to be tracked and evaluated includes processing standards and service to participants, both positive and negative. This does not include civil rights complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religious creed, national origin, political beliefs, or handicap or complaints that can be pursued through a fair hearing, even if a fair hearing is not requested.

When feedback is provided, supervisors and/or management must discuss the feedback with the individual for whom it was provided. Every issue must be resolved according to normal policy, unless unfounded.

An Excel spreadsheet, entitled Customer Service Feedback excel logo, is provided to assist county offices in recording program feedback. The results will be provided to the Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit each quarter. The data elements that must be recorded for all program feedback are:

Type codes are as follows:

  1. processing timeliness;
  2. phone calls are not returned;
  3. poor behavior/attitude of staff;
  4. information not being shared;
  5. refused application; and
  6. positive feedback.

An example is provided on line 2 of the Customer Service Feedback spreadsheet.

EXAMPLE: Ms. Lovegood called the office on October 5, 2007. She notified Supervisor Mr. Potter that when she had previously been talking to Ms. Granger, that Ms. Granger became angry with her and hung up. Mr. Potter recorded the information, using feedback type code 3 - behavior/attitude of staff. Mr. Potter had a conversation with Ms. Granger and with her fellow co-workers. In this case, Mr. Potter found that the feedback was unfounded and recorded a U in the last column and the date he learned it was unfounded.

Periodically, but at least each quarter, county supervision and management must evaluate the data elements maintained on the log. If there is a trend in the elements, corrective action must be taken to improve the procedures that are indicated by the trend.

EXAMPLE: Mr. Potter evaluates his feedback log each month. In November 2007, he notices that there is a large number of “type code 2 - phone calls are not returned” for many of his staff. At his monthly staff meeting, Mr. Potter discusses the importance of returning phone calls timely to participants. In December 2007, Mr. Potter evaluates the feedback for the month and notices the type code 2 is no longer an issue.

Each quarter, provide a copy of the most recent log to the Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit. Jackson County, St Louis County, and St Louis City may send the logs either for the entire county or by office. The deadline to submit the log is the 15th day of the month following the end of the quarter. Logs must be submitted to by the following dates:

If trends are identified and corrective actions are taken, provide this information when submitting the log. The Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit will be monitoring all logs and may be in contact with county management or supervision to discuss the log, any trends identified, and corrective action needed. Any trends identified statewide will result in statewide corrective action and will be included in the State of Missouri Corrective Action Plan.

The Excel Spreadsheet, entitled Customer Service Feedback excel logo, will be posted on the Intranet in the Forms Manual. To access the spreadsheet:



2008 Memorandums