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IM-113  12/29/08
Ending An Metp Sanction
IM-112  12/29/08
Iraqi And Afghan Special Immigrants Policy For The Food Stamp, Family Healthcare, And Temporary Assistance Programs
IM-111  12/24/08
Uninsured Women’s Health Services Program (This was delayed and renamed IM-1, 2009)
IM-110  12/22/08
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates First Quater 2009
IM-109  12/17/08
New Messages at Select Authorization in Famis
IM-108  12/17/08
J.P. et al. vs. Family Support Division
IM-107  12/05/08
Famis SSI/SSA/VA/RR Cost Of Living Adjustment For Food Stamps, Child Care, And Temporary AssiatancePrograms
IM-106  12/03/08
Update of 1619 Threshold Amount
IM-105  12/03/08
Family HealthCare Programs:Cost Of Living Adjustments(COLA)
IM-104  12/03/08
January 2009 Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
IM-103  12/03/08
Legacy January 2009 Increase In Veteran's Administration (VA) Benefits
IM-102  12/03/08
Increase In Allotments and The Spousal Share
IM-101  12/01/08
EBT Aged/Expunged Process
IM-100  12/01/08
Simplified Reporting for the Food Stamp Program Pamphlet
IM-99  11/26/08
Open Enrollment For Medicare Part D 2009 And Eligibility For Low Income Subsidy
IM-98  11/19/08
Card Reissue Flow Charts
IM-97  11/13/08
Cars User Guide – Printing a Food Stamp Demand Letter
IM-96  10/31/08
Managed Care Expansion Meetings
IM-95  11/03/08
Verification Of Medical Expenses For The Food Stamp Program
IM-94  10/30/08
Food Stamp Worker Initiated Rejection
IM-93  10/30/08
Automation Of Request For Information (FA325) For Transitional Employment Benefit, Temporary Assistance, MO HealthNet For Families, MO HealthNet For Kids, And Food Stamps
IM-92  10/28/08
FAMIS Quarterly Wage Match
IM-91  10/27/08
Update Of The Medical Review Team System To Include Codes For The Ticket To Work Health Assurance Program
IM-90  10/24/08
Self Employment Taxes
IM-89  10/21/08
Requesting Medical/Mental Health Records From The Department Of Corrections
IM-88  10/21/08
Internet Applications that cannot be Sent to FAMIS; Accepting Internet Application User Guide
IM-87  10/16/08
Change In Blind Pension Citizenship Verification Requirements
IM-86  10/16/08
Julia M. Vs. Scott Notice Of Proposed Settlement
IM-85  10/14/08
IM-4FS, Eat For Health Brochure
IM-84  10/14/08
Budgeting SMI Premium
IM-83  10/14/08
Food Stamp Cars Demand Letters
IM-82  10/10/08
Federally Qualified Health Centers And Rural Health Clinics Presumptive Eligibility For Children Agreements
IM-81  10/09/08
"The Work Number" Website Change
IM-80  10/02/08
Managed Care Provider Name Change
IM-79  09/29/08
Transitional Employment Benefit (TEB)
IM-78   9/26/08
FAMIS Assignments/Referral Screen Changes
IM-77  09/18/08
Schedule Of Payroll Closing Dates, Fourth Quarter 2008
IM-76  09/15/08
Hurricane Ike Policy And Coding
IM-75  09/10/08
Gee Vs. Department of Social Services, Family Support Division; Definition of Institutionalized Spouse for Division of Assets
IM-74  09/09/08
Temporary Assistance And MO Healthnet Tracking Codes For Hurricane Gustav Evacuees
IM-73  09/08/08
Hurricane Gustav Policy And Living Arrangement Code In Famis
IM-72  09/04/08
MO HealthNet Processing For Hurricane Gustav Evacuees
IM-71  09/04/08
Temporary Assistance Processing For Hurricane Gustav Evacuees
IM-70  09/02/08
Voter Registration Frequently Asked Questions
IM-69  08/29/08
New Annuity Code In FAMIS
IM-68 08/26/08
October Benefit Adjustment
IM-67 08/26/08
Famis Resource Code Updates
IM-66 08/26/08
2008 Farm Bill Changes
IM-65 08/26/08
Dependent Care Listing
IM-64  08/21/08
Missouri Long-Term Care Partnership Program And Disregard Of Assets In The Eligibility And Estate Recovery Process
IM-63  08/18/08
IRS Yearly Match Of 2007 Tax Information
IM-62  08/12/08
National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) Monitoring Plan
IM-61  08/11/08
FAMIS Declaration Detail Screen (FMMN) Change
IM-60  08/11/08
Voter Registration Card
IM-59  08/05/08
Voter Registration Poster
IM-58  07/31/08
Voter Registration on the Case Review System
IM-57  07/30/08
Felony Drug Conviction
IM-56  07/30/08
Missouri RX Plan (MoRx) Auto-Enrollment Of Dual Eligibles In Preferred Part D Plans
IM-55  07/24/08
Career Assistance Program (CAP) Locations
IM-54  07/22/08
ACORN vs. SCOTT; Retention of Copies of Voter Registration Applications and Declinations; Voter Registration Log
IM-53  07/18/08
IM-52  07/16/08
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) vs. Deborah Scott, et al
IM-51  07/11/08
Form IM-87, Application for State Hearing and Instructions
IM-50  07/11/08
Form IM-114, Voluntary Repayment Authorization Form and Instructions
IM-49  06/30/08
Dependent Care Deduction
IM-48  06/25/08
Affordable Insurance Standards Change for MO HealthNet for Kids SCHIP Premium Program
IM-47  06/18/08
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates
IM-46  06/17/08
MO HealthNet for Kids SCHIP Premium Change
IM-45  06/13/08
Increases in Vendor Minimum Maintenance Standards and Shelter Standards Adjustment in Vendor Cases
IM-44  06/12/08
FAMIS SAB and BP Mass Adjustment
IM-43  06/11/08
Grant Increases and Adjustments in Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB) & Blind Pension (BP) Cases
IM-42  05/30/08
2008 Mileage Rate Increase
IM-41  05/28/08
Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses
IM-40  05/28/08
Food Stamp Claims Policy Changes
IM-39  05/22/08
Changes In Legacy Income Maintenance Budget Calculation (IBCA) To Accommodate The Ticket To Work Health Assurance (TWHA) Program
IM-38  05/22/08
Webfocus FAMIS Managed Reporting for Eligibility Specialist Supervisors
IM-37  05/20/08
Voter Registration Update: Missouri and National Mail Voter Registration Forms
IM-36  05/19/08
New MO HealthNet For Kids, Pregnant Women and Parents Internet Application
IM-35  05/14/08
Simplified Reporting Policy Change
IM-34  04/23/08
Pre-Existing Conditions and Exceeding Annual Benefits of Health Insurance Plan for MO HealthNet for Kids
IM-33  04/21/08
View Relationship Information Screen
IM-32  04/15/08
Customer Service Feedback
IM-31  04/08/08
Emergency Management and Mass Care Overview Take 45
IM-30  04/03/08
Change in Levels of Licensure for Nursing Facilities
IM-29  03/31/08
Forms PC-1, Presumptive Eligibility Determination
IM-28  03/26/08
Counties Waived From Meeting the 18-to-50-Year Old Work Requirement
IM-27  03/21/08
Julia M. vs. Scott Settlement
IM-26  03/14/08
2008 Economic Stimulus Payments
IM-25  03/13/08
Increase in Average Private Pay Nursing Rate for Transfer of Property Cases
IM-24  03/13/08
Schedule of Payroll Closing Dates, Second Quarter 2008
IM-23  03/07/08
Update of Poverty Income Guidelines and Cost of Living Adjustments for Family Healthcare Programs
IM-22  03/07/08
Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) and Update of Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled Spenddown and Non Spenddown, Ticket to Work Health Assurance Program, QMB, SLMB, QI-1 and QDWI Programs
IM-21  03/05/08
MO HealthNet for Kids State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Premium Notice Changes
IM-20  02/25/08
TWHA Budget Worksheet
IM-19  02/11/08
'The Work Number' Access Form
IM-17  02/11/08
Managed Care Expansion
IM-16  02/01/08
Julia M. VS. Scott EX PARTE Notices To Families Who Lost MO HEALTHNET FOR KIDS State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Eligibility
IM-15  02/04/08
Outreach to Promote MO HealthNet Coverage for Children and Adults in Missouri Hospitals
IM-14  01/30/08
Clarification of End-Dating Employment in FAMIS
IM-13  01/30/08
Restoration of MO HealthNet Coverage to Children Who Lost Coverage Following the Julia M vs. Scott Order of Injunctive Relief
IM-12  01/28/08
MO HealthNet for Kids, Pregnant Women and Parents Internet Application
IM-11  01/28/08
Update of 1619 Threshold Amount Manual
IM-10  01/28/08
Family Healthcare Programs: Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA)
IM-9  01/30/08
Replacement Food Stamp Benefits
IM-8  01/14/08
Food Stamp Clarification of Three-Month Regained Eligibility for ABAWDS
IM-7  01/07/08
Residents in Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers and Homeless Shelters
IM-6  01/15/08
Form IM-69, Notification of Saved Food Stamp Benefits and Instructions
IM-5  01/07/08
FSD/WIU Investigation Tracking Sheet Instructions
IM-4  01/07/08
Disregard of Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD) and Ticket to Work Health Assurance (TWHA) Programs
IM-3  01/07/08
Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses for Spenddown Cases
IM-2  01/07/08
MO HealthNet Managed Care Expansion Changes
IM-1  01/07/08
New MO HealthNet Cards