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IM-#36      05/19/08

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The Internet application for kids, pregnant women and parents introduced in Memorandum IM-12 dated January 29, 2008, is replaced by a new Internet application effective May 19, 2008. The new Internet application is designed to be user friendly and dynamic for the applicant, and can transfer the applicant's information into FAMIS, minimizing as much as possible the need for an eligibility specialist to re-key information provided by the applicant. The application is available on the DSS website at This memorandum addresses:

Requests for Applications for Family Healthcare Programs

In addition to informing callers that applications for Family Healthcare Programs may be made in person at county offices or through the mail, staff must inform callers about all of the methods that are available to make an application. Applications can be made by:

FSD staff must not suggest that one method of completing an application is preferred over another to complete a Family Healthcare Program application.

Completion of Internet Application by the Applicant

Individuals interested in applying for Family Healthcare Programs can obtain information through accessing the DSS website at, and then following these steps:

  1. Click the link for Families; then Family Support Division home page; then the link for Apply for MO HealthNet; or
  2. Click the link for Families; then Family Support Division home page; and then Income Maintenance and Self Sufficiency Programs under the heading “The Division's Services Include;” and then
  3. Select MO HealthNet for Kids, MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women or MO HealthNet for Families to read about the programs and apply. All of these web pages include a link to a web page where they can download and print an application or access the on-line application.

If the individual opts to apply on-line, he or she will be greeted by a login page when entering the MO HealthNet application site. The applicant will need to register a new username/password, or can log in to continue working on an existing application. If the applicant is registering for the first time, he or she is prompted to set up login details before continuing. An e-mail address is requested, but is not required. The applicant is then prompted to complete the on-line application, which consists of 20 sections. Each section is tracked with a green or red mark in the left navigation pane to signify which sections have been completed by the applicant. There is also a tally at the top of the page which keeps track of the applicant's percentage of completion. The applicant can click the 'Save & Exit' button at any time if he or she wishes to exit and continue at a later date. A Community Partner Information section is also available in the event that a community partner organization is assisting the applicant in submitting an application.

The application offers a summary of the applicant's responses after each section is complete and enables the user to Update/Delete information if revisions are needed. After the applicant has completed the application, he or she can submit the application electronically. The applicant is then given the opportunity to print or save an Application Summary. If an e-mail address was provided during log in, the applicant will receive a Thank You e-mail that provides the application number and informs him or her that the local Family Support Division office or the MO HealthNet Service Center may be contacted for additional information or to check on the status of the application. After the application is submitted, the applicant cannot log back in to access the application; however he or she can log back in and access the Application Summary. The Application Summary also provides the application number and informs the applicant that the local Family Support Division office or the MO HealthNet Service Center may be contacted for additional information.

Assignment of Internet Applications by County Designee(s)

Once an Internet application is submitted a County Designee(s), an FSD staff person(s) designated to access and assign Internet applications once submitted by the applicant, is able to access Internet applications through the Web Application Search (FWH0) screen. The County Designee(s) can search for a specific application by an applicant's home phone number, last name, application number, or date of birth. Refer to Accepting Internet Applications User Guide for further information on how to use the Web Application Search (FWH0) screen to select an application and send it to FAMIS.

The Internet application will not be sent to FAMIS in the following circumstances:

If an application is not sent to FAMIS due to either of the above situations, contact Program and Policy for help.

Once the County Designee(s) sends the application to FAMIS, relevant data for MO HealthNet eligibility is created in FAMIS. If there is an already existing Supercase the application will display in the caseload of the eligibility specialist assigned to that Supercase. The County Designee(s) can decide whether or not to assign to that eligibility specialist or assign to another eligibility specialist and caseload by using the Supercase Reassignment (FM7I) screen. If there is not an already existing Supercase, the application will go into the Transfer load. The County Designee(s) may assign the application from the Transfer load to any existing eligibility load by using the Supercase Reassignment (FM7I) screen.

Processing of Internet Applications by Eligibility Specialists

Once the application is sent to FAMIS by the County Designee(s) and assigned to an eligibility caseload, it displays on the Web Application Alert (FWHC) screen as well as the eligibility specialist's Alert/Reminder List on the Alert/Reminder (FM7M) screen until the eligibility specialist enters the application controlled flow. The Web Application Alert (FWHC) screen can be used as a monitoring tool to ensure that Internet applications are being processed timely.

Once the application is sent to FAMIS and assigned to a caseload the eligibility specialist will receive an alert, “Filed Application Requires Action” on the Alert/Reminder (FM7M) screen. The eligibility specialist types 's' next to the reminder to be resolved and presses F15=REVIEW. The application request (FM0G) screen displays. The date of application is the date it is submitted by the applicant even if that date falls on a weekend or holiday. The 'How Received” field populates 'WB' to indicate the application was submitted electronically.

Once an application is sent to FAMIS the eligibility specialist can access the Application Summary from the Document Queue (FMVM) screen and print it to assist with entering the application. It is listed under Document Id (Doc Id) WB102. This document can be filed in the case record, but is not required to be in the case record.

The system is only able to enter relationship information of household members to the head of household based upon the information completed on the application. Prior to entering application details the eligibility specialist must go the Supercase Member Clearance (FM0E) screen and establish relationships for all household members. Use information provided on the Household Summary section of the Application Summary to assist in establishing relationships. If the household members were born in Missouri, use IBTH to establish relationships.

The application controlled flow for an Internet application is the same as for any other application with the exception that a new Web Interface (FWH2) screen appears in the controlled flow for Internet applications after the Eligibility Unit Member Role (FM3Z) screen. The Web Interface (FWH2) screen is similar to the TA/MA Reinvestigation Factor (FM4Z) screen used to complete TA and MO HealthNet reinvestigations. The Web Interface (FWH2) screen displays the names of all eligibility unit members, eligibility factors for each member, and an indicator as to whether or not the information is to be sent to FAMIS. Refer to the Processing Internet Applications User Guide for instructions on how to use the Web Interface (FWH2) screen to process Internet applications.

The eligibility specialist completes the remaining controlled flow through the normal process. An Application Interview Summary (FA-102) is printed and should be filed in the case record as is currently done with any FAMIS application.

Hearing Requests on Internet Applications

When an applicant requests a hearing on a determination of eligibility for an Internet application, a copy of the Application Summary (WB102) will need to be printed and included in the hearing exhibits in addition to the Application Interview Summary (FA-102) and other supporting documentation. The Application Summary (WB102) can be accessed from the Document Queue (FMVM) screen under Document Id (Doc Id) WB102. A document is moved from the Document Queue screen (FMVM) to the Document History (FMVR) screen 31 to 45 days after it is generated. If the Application Summary (WB102) does not display on the Document Queue (FMVM) screen, access the Document History (FMVR) screen by typing DOCHST or FMVR on the command line and pressing enter (ctrl).


E-mail memorandum Email-IM-12 dated May 7, 2008, announced on-line training for the new Internet application made available through the Employee Learning Center. The training is required for all eligibility specialists, but is strongly recommended for all support staff, supervisors, and managers. For more information on Internet application assignment and processing refer to the Web Application Training Module available through the Employee Learning Center.

The MO HealthNet Service Center

Due to the volume of applications submitted over the Internet, the MO HealthNet Service Center will no longer be able to accept and process Internet applications. They will continue to answer questions from callers who call 1-888-275-5908 to ask about MO HealthNet benefits or to inquire about an application, and they will continue to process applications mailed to the Service Center, Presumptive Eligibility for Children, Presumptive Eligibility for Breast and Cervical Cancer, and initial BCCT applications.



Accepting Internet Applications User Guide
Processing Internet Applications User Guide

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