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IM-#64      07/16/13

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The purpose of this memorandum is to remind staff of the importance of careful search for existing departmental client numbers (DCNs) before assigning a DCN. There are increasing numbers of duplicate DCNs being assigned to individuals. In some instances, individuals have as many as five DCNs. There have been instances where an individual has two DCNs and is active in two separate cases.

NOTE: Once a DCN is assigned it CANNOT be deleted.

Topics covered in this memorandum include:

Automatic DCN assignment

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) assigns DCNs to each child born in Missouri for whom they are registering a birth certificate. Please review information carefully pertaining to children's names or name changes. View DEPARTMENT HEALTH - BIRTH NAME INQUIRY (IBTH) screen, if needed, to clarify the child's correct name and prevent DCN errors. IBTH also displays the DCN for the child.

Searching for an existing DCN

Policy related to assigning DCNs has not changed. Always perform a thorough search before assigning a DCN. This will prevent having to make changes to correct the problems a duplicate DCN causes. 

When determining if a DCN exists:

The SNME query requires entry of the

The SNME query produces a list of names (including alias information) that are similar to the search criteria. The results list DCN, individual's full name, date of birth, race description, Social Security Number (SSN) or unknown, and the verification flag for the SSN.

This is a sample SNME query for Faye Jones, a female born in 1963.

  SNME                                            MM/DD/YY                          PAGE 01
                        SOCIAL SERVICES CLIENT NAME INQUIRY                      
 KEY - LAST NAME: JONES                1ST INIT:    F        BIRTH YEAR: 1963      SEX: F  
   CLIENT NO   CLIENT  NAME             A      D.O.B.         RACE           SSN            VER
   12345678      JONES FLO                    01/01/1963     WHITE        111-22-3333        V
   23456789      JONES FLOSSY                 02/02/1963     WHITE        222-33-4444        V
   34567890      JAMMIN FIORD                 03/03/1963     BLACK        333-44-5555        V
   45678901      JONES FAYE B                 04/04/1963     UNKNOWN      444-55-6666        V
   56789012      JONES FLOSSY SUE       A     02/02/1963     WHITE        222-33-4444        V
   67890123      JONES FLORA            A     03/06/1963     BLACK        555-44-3333        V

The screen displays variations on the last name, including Jammin as well as differing first names. The bottom two names display with an 'A' prior to the D.O.B. which indicates an Alias. An Alias is a prior name associated with the DCN displayed. The Alias could represent a misspelling of the name, a maiden name, a former married name, or even the biological name for adopted individuals.

When performing function F14=CLRCLT from the Supercase Member Clearance (SCMBR/FMOE) screen to add an individual to a Supercase, SCLR is used. The SCLR query requires the entry of additional information to search. Enter the:

This is a sample of SCLR query for Faye Jones, a female with date of birth 04/04/1963.

  SCLR                             SOCIAL SERVICES                        MM/DD/YY
                                    CLEARING MENU                          DCNI023
                    SYSTEM CODE  :  I/M                                          
                    NAME (LAST)  :  JONES                                        
                       ( FIRST)  :  FAYE                                         
                       (MIDDLE)  :                                              
                       (SUFFIX)  :                                              
                   SEX           :  F                                            
                   BIRTH DATE    :  04041963                                     
                   SOC. SEC. NO. :                                               
                   WIDE SEARCH   :  Y


The results of SCLR are shown on S025, Social Services Name Search screen.

  S025        SOCIAL SERVICES                                 MM/DD/YY
                NAME SEARCH                                 

LAST NAME: JONES                           FIRST INT: F  SEX: F  DOB: 04/04/1963

 DCN         NAME             R/S      DOB          SSN    		    VER
  12345678	JONES FLO		  1/F     01/01/1963	111-22-3333      V
  23456789	JONES FLOSSY	  1/F     02/02/1963	222-33-4444      V
  34567890	JAMMIN FIORD	  2/F     03/03/1963	333-44-5555      V
  45678901	JONES FAYE B	  U/F     04/04/1963	444-55-6666      V
  56789012	JONES FLOSSY SUE  1/F     02/02/1963	222-33-4444      V
  67890123	JONES FLORA	      2/F     03/06/1963	555-44-3333      V

 S008: END OF DATA.                                                             

The SCLR results are the same as the SNME results except it displays the Race Code instead of Race Description and the latter two names are not marked with the 'A' for the Alias identifier.  In addition, if the results do not match the person you are looking for, from the S025 screen you can perform PFK4: WIDE SEARCH.

PFK4 performs an expanded search to the next birth year. This can be helpful in the event there was a typographical error entered on SCLR. Below is the screen print displaying the results from performing PFK4 on Faye Jones. This list identifies individuals with the First Name beginning with F,  and the Last Name similar to Jones (includes Jam and Jon), who were born in 1964.

  S035                              SOCIAL SERVICES                          MM/DD/YY
                                   WIDE NAME SEARCH                              
SEARCH YEAR: 1964                                                              
LAST NAME: JONES                          FIRST INT: F  SEX: F  DOB: 04/04/1963
     DCN            NAME           R/S           DOB             SSN          VER
    65432101	JONES FRIEND	   1F        12/01/1964       123-11-2222      V
    54321012	JONES FOE	       UF        11/02/1964       234-22-3333      V
    43210123	JAM FOOTAN         2F        10/03/1964       345-33-4444      V
    32101234	JON FAY		       UF        09/04/1964       456-44-5555      V
    21012345	JONES FLO          1F        08/05/1964       567-55-6666      V
    10123456	JONES FELECIA	   5F        07/06/1964       678-66-7777      V

S008: END OF DATA.                           YR(S) SEARCHED 1964  

If the individual is not located using SNME and SCLR, an additional way to search for a DCN is entering the individual's Social Security number without hyphens on the SOCIAL SERVICES SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER INQUIRY (SSSN), SOCIAL SERVICE SSN SEARCH (S024), or SOCIAL SERVICES CLEARING MENU (SCLR) screens. Sample screen shots of S024 and SSSN screens for Faye Jones are shown below.

  S024 444556666                                   SOCIAL SERVICES                       MM/DD/YY
                                                                  SSN SEARCH                                  
SSN: 444556666                                                                 
    DCN          NAME                              R/S        DOB             SSN        VER
  45678901 JONES FAYE B                             UF      04/04/1963     444-55-6666    V

S008: END OF DATA.                      

SSSN 444556666                                        06/28/13          PAGE 01  
    CLIENT NO       CLIENT NAME            D.O.B.     RACE                    
    45678901       JONES FAYE B           08/06/63   UNKNOWN

END  OF SEARCH                                              PFK2: RACE/ETHN/LANG  

The S024 and SSSN search display the individual with that Social Security Number IF the SSN had been entered or updated for a DCN. Searching using only the SSN, does not guarantee that the individual has not already been assigned a DCN.

Avoid using SSSN, S024, and SCLR screens with only the SSN when searching for DCNs of children, particularly newborns. At the time the original DCN is assigned for a newborn, no SSN is available to add to the common area.  Later searches for a child who has since received an SSN would result in SSN not found.

Entry of the race/ethnicity and language proficiency coding

These are the previous and currently used race codes for the client clearing process:

1  White

1   White

2  Black

2   Black/African American

3  Spanish American

3   Discontinued

4  American Indian

4   American Indian/Alaska Native
4A Federally Recognized Tribe

5  Oriental

5   Asian

6  Not Used

6   Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

7  Not Used

U   Unable to determine

8  Other


9  Unknown

7   A system-assigned code is displayed in the common area for an individual with dual races. Race code 7 cannot be assigned by a user.

Accurate entry of the race/ethnicity and language proficiency coding is important to prevent duplicate DCN assignment. Numerous duplicate DCN issues are a direct result of entering 'U' for Unknown as a Race Code when the original DCN had the proper Race Code entered.


Individuals may be unable to access their benefits due to incorrect vital information being associated with their DCN. Changes to an individual's date of birth in FAMIS do not change the information for that individual in the common area. Update the SOCIAL SERVICES COMMON CLIENT DATA UPDATE (SUPD) screen to make changes to the common area information. Changing information for an individual on the SUPD screen does not change the information for that individual in the FAMIS system. The Birth/Death Information (BIRTH/FMAQ) screen in FAMIS also needs to be updated.

Duplicate DCNS

When a duplicate DCN is discovered, please send an email to  with information on the individual and the duplicate DCNs, so appropriate action may be taken.

When FAMIS staff becomes aware of a duplicate DCN, thorough analysis of the Legacy system, Missouri Automated Child Support System (MACSS), Family and Children Electronic System (FACES), and the Family Assistance Management Information System (FAMIS) is performed. A cross-check with the MO HealthNet Division (MHD), DHSS, and sometimes the Department of Mental Health (DMH) is completed. The Social Security system, the Employment Security system, and the DHSS Bureau of Vital Records information (for evaluation of birth and death records) may also be used. Careful scrutiny is given to vital information to ensure that it is the same individual who has been assigned a duplicate DCN, prior to any corrective action being taken.

If FAMIS staff determines that linking the DCNs is appropriate, the DCNs will be linked. FAMIS staff linking the DCNs does not prevent the need for additional work to be completed to correct the benefits for the individual.

After FAMIS staff determines the impact the duplicate DCN has on the various systems and benefits, email correspondence with specific instructions will be sent to the eligibility specialist (ES) and ES supervisor (ESS) who appear on the Eligibility Unit Summary (EUSUMM/FM0J) screen for the individual's case(s). FAMIS staff enters comments about the duplicate DCN in FAMIS on the Eligibility Unit Member Role (EUMEMROL/FM3Z) screen.

If you are the recipient of a duplicate DCN email and are no longer responsible to take action on the case, immediately forward the email message containing the instructions to the appropriate county office email, and to the ES and ESS if known, with a copy to, and

When taking action to correct duplicate DCNs, follow each step of the instructions that are provided. Failing to take even one of the steps can result in incorrect benefits.



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