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IM-130 12/31/13
Responsibilities of FAMIS Offices for Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Cases
IM-129 12/31/13
Introduction of Assignment of Medical Support Manual Section for MO HealthNet
IM-128 12/31/13
Manual Additions for Family MO HealthNet
IM-127 12/31/13
MAGI Reassessment of Individuals Who Applied 10/01/13 Through 12/31/13 and Were Found Ineligible
IM-126 12/31/13
Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Manual Additions
IM-125 12/31/13
Family MO HealthNet Verification Manual Sections
IM-124 12/31/13
Introduction of Newborn Manual Sections
IM-123 12/31/13
Updated Forms in Forms Manual
IM-122 12/30/13
Introduction of Uninsured Women’s Health Services Manual Section for the Family MO HealthNet Manual
IM-121 12/30/13
IM Authorized Representative Revocation (IM-6ARR)
IM-120 12/31/13
Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Change Due to the Removal of Disregards for Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Programs
IM-119 12/20/13
Family Mo HealthNet Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Household Composition Manual Addition
IM-118 12/20/13
Changes to the FA-325 Request for Information and Clarification for Mailing
IM-117 12/16/13
Food Stamp Civil Rights Training
IM-116 12/16/13
Introduction of Spanish Family MO HealthNet Application (IM-1SSL Spanish) and Family MO HealthNet Add a Person (IM-1ADP Spanish) Form
IM-115 12/16/13
Increase in Vendor Maximum Monthly Maintenance Standard and Minimum and Maximum Spousal Share
IM-114 12/13/13
January 2014 COLA Adjustment of SSA/SSI/VA/RR Income
IM-113 12/13/13
2014 Increase in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)
IM-112 12/13/13
Clarification of Processing Timeframes for the Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health, Early Application for MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind and Disabled
IM-111 12/13/13
Reviews for Active Family MO HealthNet Cases January 1, 2014 through March 31, 2014
IM-110 12/13/13
Family MO HealthNet Prior Quarter Determination
IM-109 12/11/13
Increase in Personal Needs and Expense Allowance for Vendor and Supplemental Nursing Care (SNC) Cases
IM-108 12/03/13
Update to IM-4 Hearing Rights Pamphlet
IM-107 12/02/13
Returned Claim Demand Letters (CARS-3)
IM-106 12/09/13
Revised Advance Notice of Your Administrative Disqualification Hearing (IM-160) and Waiver of Administrative Disqualification Hearing and Consent to Disqualification (IM-161)
IM-105 11/20/13
MO HealthNet Single Streamlined Addition (IM-1ADP)
IM-104 11/20/13
"The Better Door"
IM-103 11/20/13
2013 SEBTC Demonstration Project Summary
IM-102 11/20/13
Four Plus Card Replacement Report
IM-101 11/12/13
Refugee Resettlement Program – Informational Videos
IM-100 11/12/13
Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health Supported Community Living Base Rate Change for Supplemental Nursing Care Participants
IM-99 11/12/13
Payment Accuracy Review of MO HealthNet
IM-98 11/12/13
Removal of Online Food Stamp Web Application
IM-97 11/07/13
Missouri's Children with Developmental Disabilities (MOCDD)
IM-96 11/06/13
Temporary Assistance Drug Testing Reminder of Actions by Local Family Support Division
IM-95 10/31/13
Update to Food Stamp Manual and User Guide for Quality Control (QC) Sanctions
IM-94 10/23/13
Change in Interpreter Services Provider
IM-93 10/22/13
Revised Spend Down Notification (IM-29(SPDN)) Form
IM-92 10/15/13
IM-1UA Application Supplement (IM-1UA SUPP)
IM-91 10/02/13
Addendum to the MO HealthNet Single Streamlined Application
IM-90 10/01/13
Temporary Assistance Claims Due to Restricted Purchases and Unauthorized Locations
IM-89 10/01/13
Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health Early Application for MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled
IM-88 10/01/13
Balancing Incentive Payments (BIP) Program
IM-87 09/30/13
Food Stamp Medical Expense Air Evacuation (AE)
IM-86 09/27/13
MO HealthNet Single Streamlined Application
IM-85 09/27/13
Missouri Eligibility Determination and Enrollment System (MEDES) Release One - October 1, 2013
IM-84 09/20/13
Family Support Division Audit Explanation and Protocol
IM-83 09/18/13
Domestic Violence Training for FY 2014
IM-82 09/13/13
November Food Stamp Benefit Adjustment
IM-81 09/10/13
Possible MO HealthNet Eligibility for Persons Age 19-26 Who Have Previously Been in Foster Care
IM-80 09/10/13
October Food Stamp Mass Adjustment
IM-79 08/26/13
Additional Revisions for Acting on All Changes for Food Stamps
IM-78 08/23/13
Temporary Assistance Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Card Restrictions and Penalties Imposed
IM-77 08/14/13
Local Requests for Support/Reference Letters in Compliance with Administrative Policy 4-102
IM-76 08/14/13
One Time Notice to Temporary Assistance Participants of Senate Bill 251 Electronic Benefit Transfer Card Restrictions
IM-75 08/14/13
Clarification of Allowable Transportation Expenses for Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Participants
IM-74 08/14/13
Department of Social Services Website Update, Medicare Cost Savings Programs
IM-73 08/02/13
Application for Medicare Savings for Qualified Beneficiaries / Specified Low Income Beneficiaries (IM-1QMB/SLMB) and Medicare Savings for Qualified Beneficiaries/ Specified Low Income Beneficiaries Review (IM-2QMB/SLMB Review) Forms
IM-72 08/02/13
Revised IM-1UA Application for MO HealthNet for Kids, Pregnant Women and Parents
IM-71 08/02/13
MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD) Spend Down Carryover of Incurred Expenses that Are Paid in the Three Months Prior to the Current Eligibility Month
IM-70 07/26/13
Referral/Information for Child Support Services (CS-201)
IM-69 07/26/13
Revisions to the Important Information about Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Transaction Form (IM-3EBT) and Misuse of Temporary Assistance Poster
IM-68 07/26/13
Hearing Request Form (FA-560)
IM-67 07/17/13
Ticket to Work Health Assurance Program Extension
IM-66 07/17/13
New Pricing for Medical Records
IM-65 07/17/13
Senate Bill 251 (2013) Increases Penalties for Food Stamp, Temporary Assistance, and MO HealthNet Fraud and adds Restrictions to Temporary Assistance Electronic Benefit Transactions
IM-64 07/16/13
Duplicate Department Client Numbers
IM-63 07/31/13
Child Abuse/Neglect (CA/N) Mandated Reporter Training
IM-62 07/03/13
Temporary Assistance Highway Patrol Quarterly Match
IM-61 06/24/13
Clarification for Applying Transfer of Asset Penalties for Assets in a Midwest Special Needs Trust When Over Age 65
IM-60 06/14/13
FAMIS SAB and BP Mass Adjustment
IM-59 06/14/13
Introduction of the MO HealthNet Spend Down Transportation Expense Log
IM-58 06/14/13
MO HealthNet Chip Reminder
IM-57 06/11/13
Employment that Requires Travel
IM-56 06/11/13
Food Stamp Eligibility Unit Joint Custody Cases
IM-55 06/07/13
Increase in Vendor Minimum Monthly Maintenance Standards and Shelter Standards Adjustments in Vendor
IM-54 06/04/13
Extended Women's Health Services Change
IM-53 06/04/13
Update of 1619 Threshold Amount
IM-52 05/30/13
Acting on All Changes for Food Stamps
IM-51 05/24/13
SEBTC 2013
IM-50 05/14/13
Four Plus EBT Card Replacement Report
IM-49 05/13/13
Emergency Medical Care for Ineligible Aliens (EMCIA) Policy
IM-48 05/13/13
MO HealthNet for Aged, Blind, And Disabled (MHABD) Application Process for Children Losing Coverage Through the Division of Developmental Disabilities
IM-47 05/13/13
Temporary Assistance Drug Testing Applicant Notice (IM-3TADrug)
IM-46 05/07/13
Important Information about Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Transactions Form
IM-45 04/30/13
Change in Interpreter Services Provider
IM-44 04/18/13
MO HealthNet for Kids CHIP Premium Change
IM-43 04/18/13
Increase in Average Private Pay Nursing Rate for Transfer of Property Cases
IM-42 04/18/13
MO HealthNet TEFRA Liens, Estate Recovery, and Voluntary Repayments
IM-41 04/11/13
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Hearings
IM-40 04/08/13
Exit Statement for the Shelter Expense Screen
IM-39 04/05/13
Deleting Incorrect Claim Members
IM-38 04/02/13
Administrative Hearings Training Curriculum; Third Online Course — Administrative Hearing Logistics
IM-37 04/02/13
Participant Notification When Agency Action Rescinded
IM-36 04/01/13
Food Stamp Customer Service Survey
IM-35 03/21/13
MO HealthNet for Disabled Child Deeming Parental Income and Expenses
IM-34 03/15/13
Disqualified or Ineligible Members Earned Income and Expense Budgeting for the Food Stamp Program
IM-33 03/15/13
Internet Applicant Summary Access for Food Stamps and MO HealthNet Web Applications
IM-32 03/12/13
MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled Cash and Securities
IM-31 03/12/13
MO HealthNet Case Maintenance
IM-30 03/11/13
Application for State Hearing Instructions are Revised
IM-29 03/11/13
Uninsured Women's Health Services Update
IM-28 03/11/13
MO HealthNet Chip Premiums
IM-27 03/11/13
Affordable Insurance Standards Change for MO HealthNet for Kids Chip Premium Program
IM-26 03/11/13
Update of Poverty Income Guidelines For Family Healthcare Programs, Mo HealthNet For The Aged, Blind, And Disabled Spenddown and Non Spenddown, Ticket to Work Health Assurance (TWHA) , Qualified Medicare Beneficiary(QMB), Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary(SLMB and SLMB-2), Mo HealthNet for Disabled Children, and Qualified Disabled Working Individuals (QDWI) Programs
IM-25 03/08/13
Pending MO HealthNet Application for Verification of Application for Other Benefits
IM-24 02/28/13
One Time Notice to Temporary Assistance Participants
IM-23 02/28/13
One Time Notice to Temporary Assistance Cases Regarding New Missouri State Highway Patrol Match
IM-22 02/28/13
MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled Transfer to Establish Eligibility
IM-21 03/01/13
Request for Participant MO HealthNet Reimbursement Form (IM-64) Revised
IM-20 02/28/13
Earned Income Tax Credit
IM-19 02/20/13
Temporary Assistance Drug Testing
IM-18 02/20/13
Customer Comment Or Complaint Process Revision To Manual Policy Related To Complaints
IM-17 02/20/13
Customer Service Feedback
IM-16 02/05/13
Electronic Disqualified Recipient Subsystem
IM-15 02/04/13
FS-1, Application for Food Stamp Benefits and Instructional/Informational Forms Revisions
IM-14 01/31/13
Refer Low Income MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled Applicants and Participants to the Social Security Administration for Supplemental Security Income Applications
IM-13 01/31/13
Provider Attestation of Physician's Order of Medical Necessity Form (IM-29(PA)) for MO HealthNet Spend Down
IM-12 01/25/13
New FAMIS Income Source Code
IM-11 01/25/13
Scheduling Interviews
IM-10 01/25/13
Real Estate Tax Expense
IM-9 01/25/13
Active Cases Report
IM-8 01/25/13
Revised Spend Down Notification (IM-29(SPDN)) Form
IM-7 01/22/13
Where to File and Transferring Applications and Residency Manual Sections Clarification
IM-6 01/22/13
Report of Food Stamp Quality Control Review Form (IM-210) Change
IM-5 01/18/13
Clarification of Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Presumptive Eligibility (BCCT PE) and Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Application(s) Process
IM-4 01/16/13
Changing Food Stamp Disregard Message
IM-3 01/11/13
Application for State Hearing is Revised
IM-2 01/09/13
Introduction of Regional Mo HealthNet Spend Down Units (SDU)
IM-1 01/04/13
Home and Community Based Services Referral (IM-54a) and Instructions Revised