The "Out-of-State Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance EBT Activity Report" for the months of March 1999 and April 1999 is being sent to the county offices.  This report shows food stamp/cash electronic benefit transfer (EBT) activity that occurred outside Missouri.  Refer to Memorandum IM-#29 (03/31/99) for detailed information regarding this report.  This memorandum provides:
  • further clarification of the codes and instructions contained in Memorandum IM-#29;

  • information about the up-front screening of cases by Central Office; and

  • PADX screen access information.
The purpose of this report is to determine the reason the participant is using the EBT card outside of the state of Missouri.  If action is needed on the case (e.g. - closing, claims, adjustments), the action must be taken following the proper procedures.

After contacting participants and determining the reason the EBT card was used in another state, record the reason on the report.  It is important that the correct code identifying the reason(s) the individuals are using the EBT cards out of the state of Missouri is entered.  Using the correct codes will prevent some individuals/households from appearing on future reports.

 Example:  Participant moved out of state and the case is closed - use code 1.  The case will not appear on the next list.

 Example:  Friend takes individual across state line to store - use code 4.

Cases coded 1, 3, or 4 will not appear on future reports.  Cases coded 2, 5, and 9 will continue to appear if the individual meets the criteria.  Listed below is a more detailed description of the reason codes for the report.  Use the reason code that best describes the participant's situation.

1 Moved out of state - Use this code for any individual/household who no longer resides in the state of Missouri.  This information can be known to the agency prior to receipt of this report, or can be verified after receipt.

2 Traveling out of state - Use this code for any individual/household who still resides in the state of Missouri but was accessing benefits out of state due to travel outside Missouri.  Examples are vacation, family emergency in another state, business trip, etc.

3 Work in another state, buy there - Use this code for any individual/household who resides in the state of Missouri, but is employed in another state and wishes to access benefits in that state.  Review the case record to determine if the employment was known.

4 More convenient to shop at out of state store - Use this code for any individual/household who resides in the state of Missouri, but prefers to use the EBT card at a more convenient store.  Some possibilities include cheaper prices at the store, the store is closer to home, a friend/neighbor drives them to that store to shop, etc.

5 Duplicate participation - household participating in another state and in Missouri - Use this code for any individual who is receiving benefits in more than one state.  The individual/household may be residing in Missouri or the other state, and is receiving in both states.

9 Other, specify - Use this code only if the codes provided do not pertain to the situation.  Do not use this code if another code is more appropriate.  Explain the reason this code is used on the report.

The Food Assistance Program (FAP) Unit has reviewed the report and any case that is not active has been marked through.  Do not contact these individuals/households.  These cases closed, expired, or were rejected during the time between the day the information was pulled from the system and the day the report was run.

The FAP Unit has also reviewed PADX screens for any individual who used the EBT card in Kansas (KS) or Iowa (IA).  A check mark next to the social security number listed on the report shows PADX was run for that individual.  If information from KS or IA shows the individual has an open case of any type in that state, an asterisk (*) appears to the right of the "Reason(s)" line.  This asterisk alerts the county staff of possible duplicate participation.  The PADX screen is not currently working properly for the state of Illinois.  Illinois Department of Public Aid is repairing the PADX Screen.  We will notify staff when information from the state of Illinois is available on PADX.

  • Follow the instructions contained in Memorandum IM-#29 to complete the report.

  • Return the entire county report to the Food Assistance Program Unit in Central Office, ATTN:  Paul Spicer, P.O. Box 310, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0310.

  • This report is due on June 25, 1999.  Subsequent reports are due on the 15th day of the month following the report run date.
The report is being sent separately to county offices.  If no report is received, retain and refer to this memorandum and Memorandum IM-#29 when future reports are received in your county.  A bimonthly listing of counties that receive a report will be sent to area offices for follow-up.
  • Discuss this memorandum with appropriate staff.

  • Contact participants shown on the "Out-of-State Food Stamp and Temporary Assistance EBT Activity Report" following the instructions provided in Memorandum IM-#29 and this memorandum.

  • Record the reasons for food stamp/cash EBT activity outside the state of Missouri in the "Reason(s)" column on the report.  Return the completed report to the Food Assistance Program Unit, ATTN:  Paul Spicer, by June 25, 1999.

  • Provide lists of cases closed and claims filed due to this report.

  • Complete claims when necessary.

  • Refer participants who are suspected of knowingly receiving benefits from both states to WIU.

  • Retain and refer to this memorandum when future reports are received.
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