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Date: April 2022 
Issued by: Vickie Stoneberger
PA #: 22-AD-01 Revised

Updated Subsidy Brochure

The purpose of this memo is to notify staff of the updated subsidy brochure (CS-350). Information about the
Family Resource Centers and the Kinship Navigator Program has been added to maximize the resource
knowledge of support for our adoption and guardianship families.

These supports are beneficial in preventing adoption disruptions and supporting our subsidy families.
Adequate preparation of the child and family is critical to the lasting success of the adoption or guardianship.
The subsidy brochure given to the families early on in the adoption and guardianship process is a critical
step to educate families as they make these lifelong and solid commitments to our children.

The updated subsidy brochure can be found on E-Forms.