Section 4, Chapter 10 (Case Management Activities), Subsection 4 – Supervisor Consultation

Effective Date:  7-2-2021


All cases shall be staffed with the supervisor at least monthly. This discussion shall be documented in FACES by the supervisor. These consultations should consist of discussing the case plan, progress and status of the case.  A variety of tools can be used.  A review should be completed of the family’s Social Service Plan.

Supervisor Support/Observation

Supervisors are also required to partner with each of their workers once per quarter to participate in and/or observe a worker-child visit. The quarters are defined as:





The observation should be substantial in nature. The worker and supervisor should process the visit using transformational coaching and discuss how it relates to the overall case management.  The coaching/support should be documented as a supervisor consult in FACES and will count for that month’s consultation on that case.

Circuit managers will be responsible for ensuring that this practice is occurring. They may delegate this responsibility to a Program Manager if applicable, though they should still be informed on status of this practice.

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