Section 4, Chapter 10 (Case Management Activities) – Overview

Effective Date:  11-6-19


This Chapter contains the following sub-sections:

10.1 – Permanency and Case Planning

10.2 – Diligent Searches

10.3 – Visitation between Parents, Children and Siblings

            10.3.1 – Parent Criminal History

10.4 – Supervisor Consultation

10.5 – Case Closure

This chapter describes a variety of activities that are often needed to be completed by family practitioners when working Alternative Care cases. These included such activities as case planning, visitation, and diligent searches.

Notes on Case Opening in FACES

All children who enter the care of the Division (with the exceptions noted below) should have an Alternative Care function open in FACES within two business days of the child’s date of entry.

Clients who are NOT to be entered into FACES via the Alternative Care Client Information Screen are:

  • Children who have been placed in the Division’s care and custody but are removed from one parent and placed with another parent without spending a night in foster care.
  • Children who are in the custody of the Division but remain placed in the parental home without spending a night in foster care.

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