Section 4, Chapter 11 (Administrative Activities), Subsection 3 – Other Administrative Activities

Effective Date:  5-1-19


The Children’s Service Worker shall complete necessary administrative activities, as follows, per local office procedures:

  • Set up or update case record and complete documentation (see Section 5 for detailed information)
  • Complete Emergency Assistance information in FACES
  • Apply for Social Security number for a newborn child, if needed
  • Obtain copy of birth certificate for all children entering care
  • Refer child to the Eligibility Analyst by completing the appropriate area in FACES. The Eligibility Analyst will be responsible for the following activities:
    • Determine IV-E, FFP, and HDN eligibility
    • Refer parent(s) to the Family Support Division – Child Support Enforcement (FSD-CSE). If a parent’s whereabouts are unknown, FSD-CSE will complete an absent parent search via the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS).
    • Complete the Third Party Resource Form, TLP-1
    • Notify Family Support Division of child’s placement, if applicable.
  • Complete ongoing documentation in the FACES system