Section 4, Chapter 12 (Financial Considerations), Subsection 3 – Temporary Assistance

Effective Date:  5-1-19

This funding source is used for relatives who receive custody of a child or do not have legal custody of a related child but are eligible to receive TA as a specified relative and the child is not eligible for Title IV-E. It may also be used to meet the cost of care if the relative refuses to be certified and/or sign a contract. If eligible for TA, the child is eligible for the Missouri Medical/Dental Service Program (MM/DSP). Relatives who have made an independent plan to accept a related child into their care may apply for TA. (The child is not eligible for maintenance if TA is received, but is eligible for special expenses through HDN funds.)

  • Refer the relative to FSD staff if the child is placed with a relative.
  • Receive confirmation from FSD that the child and family are eligible. Assist the relative in meeting other Division requirements, if financial assistance is needed.