Section 4, Chapter 12 (Financial Considerations), Subsection 4 – Alternative Care IV-E

Effective Date:  5-1-19


This funding source is used wherever possible to meet the cost of care. Transportation costs for visits with parents are an eligible Title IV-E item. Relatives must be certified and have a contract to be eligible for payments. They must also be within the definition of a TA eligible relative payee.

  • Refer all children removed from their home who will be in placement for three (3) days or longer. Referrals shall be made within ten (10) working days of placement to the Eligibility Analyst via the Title IV-E/FFP Information screen in FACES for Title IV-E/FFP eligibility determination.
  • Receive an Alternative Care Client Information, SS-61 turnaround from the Eligibility Analyst indicating the results of the Title IV-E/FFP eligibility determination. Receive a copy of the CS-IV-E/FFP-5 from the Eligibility Analyst.
  • Update the Alternative Care Client Information, SS-61 when there is a change in placement payee and complete the Payment Request as necessary for special expenses.
  • Cooperate with the Eligibility Analyst when a re-investigation is due. Complete the CS-IV-E/FFP-2 every 6 months.
  • If a child is expected to be on a trial home visit longer than 180 days, staff should request that the judge include in the court order that there is a continued need for the THV to extend past 180 days as this affects the ability to continue claiming Title IV-E funds for the youth. If an extension is granted, a copy of this order must be sent to the Eligibility Analyst. In addition, staff should notify the Eligibility Analyst when a child is on a trial home visit longer than 180 days.
  • If a child is on a trial home visit for longer than 180 days and is then removed from the home and placed back in alternative care, a new IV-E eligibility determination is due per federal regulations. Children’s Service Workers must notify the Eligibility Analyst that the child has re-entered out of home care, and complete a new IV-E Eligibility referral in FACES within ten (10) days. Children’s Service Workers should also submit an updated court order, if received from the judge, with the new IV-E eligibility referral. This court order must then be entered on the court information screen in FACES as a protective custody order.
  • The system will notify the Eligibility Analyst, via a monthly report, when a child is closed in FACES.   An Alternative Care IV-E eligible child is eligible for IV-E Adoption Subsidy.
  • Close the AC Client Information function, SS-61 when a child returns home or the child is discharged from the custody of the Division as soon as possible, but no later than 2 business days after the change occurs. See this later in this chapter for necessary action when the Division retains custody, but the child is placed in a placement resource ineligible for payment from Alternative Care funds IV-E or HDN.