Section 4, Chapter 12 (Financial Considerations), Subsection 7 – Children’s Treatment Services

Effective Date:  5-1-19


The following steps apply when authorizing and screening for using CTS funds:

  • Determine the appropriate treatment services.
  • Obtain clearance from the authorizing designee to authorize needed Children’s Treatment Services or Protective Service Child Care according to local policy (this may also require or be subject to court order, supervisory approval, parental consent, guardian ad Litem consent, etc.)
  • Complete and submit the authorization in FACES
  • Check any invoices received for completeness, reasonableness, and accuracy. Take appropriate action to correct any invoice containing errors.
  • Sign and submit the correct invoice for payment through the FACES system.
  • Obtain progress reports as needed.
  • Modify authorizations in FACES when needed.
  • Close authorization in FACES when the service is no longer required.
  • Discuss with the provider the system generated notification regarding closing, as necessary.

12.7.1 Other State and Community Resources

  • Assess the child’s condition and other resource availability.
  • Determine if the child’s condition meets requirements of the other resource.
  • Submit any application required with appropriate information.
  • Receive benefits and make any necessary modifications to other funding sources and complete necessary forms.