Section 3, Chapter 4 (Case Closure), Subsection 1 – Closing Procedures

(Effective:  05/01/19)

4.1 Closing Procedures

Discussion of case closure should begin during the assessment phase and continue to case closure. The decision to terminate services is based on a thorough evaluation of the family situation. Prior to termination the staff shall:

  • Discuss the treatment plan progress with the family members; and
  • Confer with the supervisor to review case progress. Risk factors must be thoroughly assessed at this time.

A joint decision should be made to close the case. Prepare families for a formal closing process and termination of services should be a planned with the family. A final updated version of the Family Safety Planning Document (CD-267) and the Family Risk Assessment Map (CD-220) should be completed and reviewed with the family at case closure.  See Section 1 (Policy Guide to the Practice Model) for more information on Case Closure.

Family Refusal of Services

The Children’s Service Worker and supervisor must jointly assess the risk to the child(ren) when a family refuses services. If it is determined that the child(ren) is in danger, legal intervention is needed and an immediate referral to the juvenile office is required.  If there is not sufficient cause to pursue legal intervention, after supervisory consultation, the case will be closed. The Children’s Service Worker must thoroughly document the reasons for closure and any existing concerns in the case record.

Closing the FCS case in FACES:

  • Go to the FCS Information page, enter the case number and click on the function closing button;
  • Select the close date, close reason, and enter closing comments;
  • Select supervisor and the supervisor consultation date;
  • Complete the Family Centered Services Detail Closing Information;
  • Enter additional comments and select add; and
  • Click the update button at the top of the screen, scroll down to the bottom, and click on the Send for Supervisory Review button.

For FCS cases, the supervisor must approve the case closure as soon as possible but no later than 2 business days after the worker enters the function closing.