Section 4, Chapter 4 (Working with Children) – Subsection 9 (Division of Youth Services Co-Custody)

Effective:  5-1-19


The role of the Division of Youth Services (DYS) is to care for and treat delinquent youth committed to their custody. In the majority of cases, youth are only able to access services if they are in DYS custody. However, in some cases, at the request of the circuit court, DYS may provide services for youth who have not been committed if they remain under the supervision of the juvenile court. These referrals must be handled on a case by case basis. A list of the DYS Service Coordinator Supervisors for each circuit can be found on the CD intranet. These supervisors should serve as a point of contact for CD when making referrals to DYS prior to making a recommendation to the court. Staff should invite DYS to Family Support Team (FST) meetings and court hearings when appropriate.

When youth are court ordered into the joint custody of DYS and CD for the purpose of obtaining additional treatment services, the following protocol should be utilized:

  • CD staff should send a copy of the court order through the appropriate channels to their Division of Legal Services (DLS) representative for review.
  • All youth determined to be in the joint custody of DYS and CD should be coded in FACES as Legal Status 1.
  • If it is determined by the DYS Service Coordinator Supervisor and CD that the youth should be placed in a DYS facility in which DYS is going to provide the cost of care, CD staff should enter a new placement and select a placement type of CTO on the placement screen in FACES.
  • CD staff will abide by all case management activities as required for LS-1 children including visiting with the child in the placement at least once a month, regardless of the placement type.
  • The agency with physical custody that is providing primary financial support of the youth should be the agency to open the Medicaid eligibility.       If CD has an open Title XIX in FACES and the child is to be placed in a DYS facility, CD should put an end date on the Title XIX field in FACES to allow DYS to open Medicaid for the youth.
  • If a youth is discharged from a DYS facility and is placed in a CD placement, staff may reopen Title XIX in FACES by entering a new Title XIX begin date to allow CD to be reimbursed.

Youth Transitioning from DYS to CD Custody

It is also important to provide support for youth transitioning from one custodial agency to another, when there is no dual custody. Whether transitioning from DYS custody to CD custody or CD custody to DYS custody, the CD worker should attend staffings at DYS to monitor the youth’s progress and to promote a smooth transition between the agencies.