Section 4, Chapter 7 (Family Support Teams), Subsection 3 – Family Support Team Meeting Agendas

Effective Date:  5-1-19


Family Support Team Agendas

The following are guidelines for structuring FST meetings. This can be adjusted based on the needs of the family and specific case.

  • At the beginning of each Family Support Team/PPRT meeting the Children’s Division must state:  “All information provided in this meeting is confidential. Any one not agreeing to keep information disclosed confidential can be asked to leave the meeting for any portion in which he/she is not testifying.”  All persons attending the meeting should sign a confidentiality statement (FST-1). This form will be provided to all team members after the meeting is completed.
  • Review the Danger and Harm statement developed with the family.
  • Determine if a recommendation can be made for the child to go home and what specific services are needed to reunify the family.
  • Determine the reasons a recommendation cannot be made for the child to go home at this time and what further assessments and evaluations are needed before reunification could be recommended.
  • Review documents furnished by the parents, if any.
  • Determine current treatment needs of individual family members and the family as a unit, and incorporate them into the treatment plan.
  • Determine if current placement provider can continue to meet the child’s and/or sibling group’s needs or if additional services are needed to maintain the placement.
  • Develop a plan for visitation and contact with the participation of Family Support Team/PPRT members. Efforts should be made to include non-custodial parents in visitation planning. The visitation plan should be agreeable and comfortable and made in the best interest of the child and/or sibling group.
  • Schedule the date and time for the next meeting.