Section 7, Chapter 2 (Acronym List)

(Effective 04/15/19)

AAICPC      Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children 
AC Alternative Care (Court wards place out of their own home)
ACLSA Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment
ACRB Alternative Care Review Board
ACTS Alternative Care Tracking System
AD Adoptive Home
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD Attention Deficit – Hyperactivity Disorder
ADO Adoption by Other
ADR  Adoption by Relative
AFCARS Adoption and Foster Care Automated Reporting System
AODA Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
APSR Annual Progress and Services Report
ASFA Adoption Safe Families Act
ATC Adoption Tax Credit
BCSHCN Bureau for Children with Special Health Care Needs
BFC  Youth With Elevated Needs-Level A Foster Care
BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIOC Best Interest of the Child
BSHCN Bureau of Special Health Care Needs
BSIU Background Screening and Investigation Unit
CA/N Child Abuse/Neglect
CANHU Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline Unit
CANRB Child Abuse or Neglect Review Board
CAPTA Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
CARS Claims and Restitution
CASA Court Appointed Special Advocate
CD Children’s Division
CFCIP Chafee Foster Care Independence Program
CFP Youth With Elevated Needs-Level B Resource Provider
CFRP Child Fatality Review Panel
CFSP Child and Family Services Plan
CFSR Child and Family Services Review
CMU Contract Management Unit
COA Council on Accreditation
CP Child Placing Agency
CPS Child Protection Services
CQI Continuous Quality Improvement
CRU  Central Registry Unit
CS Children’s Services
CSEU Child Support Enforcement Unit
CSIPS Children’s Services Integrated Payment System (CS65)
CSPI  Severity of Childhood Psychiatric Illness Scale
CSS Children’s Service Supervisor
CSSU Children’s Services Systems Unit
CSTAR Comprehensive Substance Treatment and Rehabilitation Program
CTS Children’s Treatment Services
CWM Child Welfare Manual
CWP Child Welfare Practice
CYAC   Children of Youth in Alternative Care
DBF Division of Budget and Finance
DC  Day Care (Child Care)
DD Division of Developmental Disabilities
DCN Departmental Client Number (Each Person’s ID # with DSS)
DESE Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
DJO Deputy Juvenile Officer or Juvenile Officer
DLS Division of Legal Services
DMH Department of Mental Health
DOB Date of Birth
DOHSS Department of Health and Senior Services
DOI Division of Insurance
DSS Department of Social Services
DYS Division of Youth Services
EA Energy Assistance
EAS Emergency Assistance Services
EPSDT Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment
ETV Educational Training Voucher
FA Foster/Adoptive
FACES Family and Children Electronic System
FCOOHC Family Centered Out-of-Home Care
FCS Family Centered Services
FCSR Family Care Safety Registry
FFP Federally Funded Program (Title XIX – State-Funded Maintenance)
FH Foster Home
FP Foster Parent
FRS  Family Reunion Services
FS Food Stamps
FSD Family Support Division
FST Family Support Team
FSTM Family Support Team Meeting
GAL Guardian ad Litem (Child in Foster Care’s Attorney)
GR General Relief
HB  House Bill
HCY  Healthy Children, Youth
HDN Homeless, Dependent, and Neglected
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
ICAMA Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance
ICJ  Interstate Compact on Juveniles
ICPC Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
ICWA  Indian Child Welfare Act
IEP Individualized Educational Plan
IIS Intensive In-Home Services (Formerly was Family Preservation)
IOC Inter Office Communication
ISL  Individualized Supported Living
JO Juvenile Officer
KIDS  Children’s Income Distribution System
MACF  Missouri Alliance for Children and Families
MHD MO HealthNet Division
NCANDS National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System
OASDI  Old Age, Survivors, Disability Insurance
OHI  Out-of-Home Investigation Unit
OSCA Office of State Courts Administrators
OTI Out-of-Town Inquiry
OYP Older Youth Program
OYTS  Older Youth Transition Specialist
PPR   Permanency Planning Review
PRIDE  Parents Resource for Information Development and Education
PS Protective Services (Now Family-Centered Services)
PSI  Preventive Services Indicated
RCCA Residential Child Care Agency
RCST  Residential Care Screening Team
RFP Request for Proposal
RHO  Relative Foster Home
RMTS  Random Moment Time Study
RPU   Residential Program Unit
RT  Residential Treatment
RTS Residential Treatment Services
SACWIS  Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System
SAFE/CARE  Sexual Abuse Forensic Examination/Child Abuse Resource Evaluation
SAM II  Statewide Advantage for Missouri II
SB  Senate Bill
SEAS   Services Entry Authorization System (Payment CS67 and CS67a)
SSA Social Security Administration
SSI Supplemental Security Income
SSN Social Security Number
STARS Specialized Training, Assessment and Resource Support/Skills
STAT State Technical Assistance Team
SVH School Violence Hotline
SYAB  State Youth Advisory Board
TA Temporary Assistance
TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TITLE IV-E Federal Funding for CS Programs
TITLE XIX MO HealthNet Funding
TLA Transitional Living Advocate
TLG Transitional Living Group Home
TLP Transitional Living Program
TLS Transitional Living Scattered-Site Apartment
TPL Third Party Insurance/Liability
TPR Termination of Parental Rights
VPA Voluntary Placement Agreement
WIC Women, Infants, and Children