December 1973 Eligibility Requirements Manual

1015.000.00 Residence (OAA, PTD, and AB)

IM-32 March 28, 2012

A resident is any person who, at the time of application, voluntarily lives in the State and intends to remain permanently or indefinitely in the State. If the individual was placed in Missouri by another State, the individual is considered a resident of the placing State.

An individual does not have to maintain a permanent or fixed address in the state to be considered a resident of Missouri. Information about the address of those individuals in the eligibility unit is collected at the beginning of the interview process when the Supercase is established on the Supercase Member Clearance (SCMBR/FMOE) screen. Enter the client’s declaration about the residency requirement on the Resident (RESIDENT/FMAO) screen.

An individual currently living in Missouri can be a resident of Missouri and declare an intention to return to a former out-of-state residence at some indefinite future time.

Accept the applicant/participant’s statement of residency and intent to remain unless questionable.

EXAMPLE 1: Mr. T. has lived in California for nine years. He came to Missouri to visit relatives for a few days. While he was visiting he attained his 65th birthday, and decided to apply for Medical Assistance to help defray the cost of his doctor’s bills and his prescriptions. Mr. T. does not meet the residence eligibility requirement because he is only in the State temporarily, and does not intend to remain.

EXAMPLE 2: Mr. T. has lived in California for nine years. He is no longer employed and has decided to move to Missouri to be near his relatives. He is now 65 years old and needs some help with his medical expenses. He rented a room and moved his belongings to Missouri. He states that he would like to return to California someday. Mr. T. meets the residence eligibility requirement.

EXAMPLE 3: Mr. C and his spouse have resided at their home in Arkansas for thirty years. Mr. C’s health has deteriorated to the point that he requires care in a nursing facility. Mr. C decided to enter a skilled nursing facility in Missouri He is now a Missouri resident, while his wife maintains residency in Arkansas. They are not separated for any reason except that he is in a nursing facility in Missouri. A division of assets has been completed and he also gives his wife an allotment. Spouses can maintain residency in other states and not be considered separated and an allotment can be given to a spouse residing out of state.