1015.010.00 Determination of State Residence

1015.010.15.05 Individuals Placed in an Institution by a State

IM-32 March 28, 2012

When a State arranges for or actually places an individual in an institution in another state, the placing State is considered the individual’s State of residence. When a State lacks the appropriate facilities and places an individual in an out-of-state institution, the placing State is the applicant’s State of residence.

Any agency of the State, including an entity recognized under State law as contracted with the State for such purposes, that arranges to place an individual in an institution located in another State is recognized as acting on behalf of the State.

Any actions that go beyond merely providing information to an individual or an individual’s family constitute arranging or making a State placement. A State that provides reimbursement for transportation to the other State is considered as having placed the individual and is responsible for the individual’s care. The following actions do not constitute State placement:

  • providing basic information to applicant/participants about another State’s Medicaid program
  • providing information about availability of health care services and facilities in another State
  • assisting an individual with locating an institution in another State, provided the individual is capable of indicating intent and independently decides to move

When a competent individual leaves an institution that was a State placement, that individual’s state of residence for MO HealthNet is the State where the individual is physically located.