1015.000.00 Residence (OAA, PTD, and AB)

1015.020.15 Determining if Absence Is Temporary

IM-32 March 28, 2012

To determine whether Missouri residence has been abandoned all pertinent information must be considered, including the following:

  • The information given by the applicant/participant to FSD showing reason for absence, intent to return, living arrangements in the other State, etc.
  • Any statement of the applicant/participant to other persons in the local community, such as any person with whom the applicant/participant was living, the individual’s landlord, relatives, acquaintances, postmaster, etc.
  • If the property where the applicant /participant lived prior to leaving was rented or sold, the applicant/participant’s statement to the person to whom the property was rented or sold
  • The disposition of the applicant/participant’s furniture and household goods
  • Arrangements or plans made for a place to live upon return
  • An application for assistance made in the other State

Continued maintenance of a home in Missouri, stored furniture, or definite ties to the community indicates a probable intent to return. The sale of property or removal of furniture and household goods to the other State indicates probable intent to abandon Missouri residence.

Where there is definite evidence the applicant/participant’s statement does not represent the actual situation, major weight will be given to actions indicating intention to abandon Missouri residence. If the applicant/participant declares intent to abandon Missouri residence, or if the applicant/participant’s actions indicate intent to abandon Missouri residence, authorize action in FAMIS to close the case or reject the application.