1015.000.00 Residence (OAA, PTD, and AB)

1015.020.20 Review of Eligibility When Participant Is Out-of-State for 90 Days or More

IM-51 May 19, 2023; IM-32 March 28, 2012

Base a participant’s continued eligibility on information collected before the participant left Missouri, and information subsequently received from the participant. Update the eligibility system to show the out-of-state address as the mailing address. Send a blank renewal form if the participant is or plans to be out of state for 90 or more days regardless of when the last annual renewal was conducted.

Carefully review the completed MO HealthNet Annual Renewal form to determine if the participant:

  • Abandoned Missouri residence, or not.
  • Continues to be eligible on all other factors.
  • Requires any changes to benefits.

When the information shows that Missouri residence has been abandoned, authorize an Adverse Action to close the case; except when it is verified by another state that they are receiving benefits, then discontinue benefits immediately.

If it is determined the applicant/participant is only temporarily absent and intends to retain Missouri residency:

  • Allow continued assistance.
  • Document the information used to make the decision in the eligibility system.