1025.015.00 Particular Accounts, Exceptions to Cash and Securities as an Available Resource, and Special Consideration for Vendor

1025.015.07.05 Retirement Accounts Belonging to the Parent of a Disabled Child

IM-87 June 15, 2020; IM-32 March 12, 2013

For disabled children (under age 18) exclude retirement accounts (individual retirement accounts (IRA), 401 plans, 403 plans, Keogh plans, pension plans, etc.) that belong to the parents of the disabled child.

NOTE: Retirement accounts belonging to all other MHABD applicants/participants and/or their spouses, except those belonging to former MA-WD recipients are considered as an available resource (Refer to Sections 1025.015.07 Retirement Accounts and 1025.015.09 Retirement Accounts Belonging to a Former MA-WD Participant).