1025.000.00 Cash and Securities (OAA and PTD)

1025.015.09 Retirement Accounts Belonging to a Former MA-WD Participant

IM-78 June 28, 2002

Retirement accounts funded by earnings received while an individual was a recipient of MA-WD (Sections 0855.000.00 Ticket to Work Health Assurance (TWHA) Program through 0855.025.00 HIPP) are excluded as a resource for all MO HealthNet categories. The exclusion also applies to MO HealthNet applications for the individual’s spouse and/or child, until the individual turns age 65. Retirement accounts include individual accounts, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, Keogh plans, or pension plans, and the earnings on those accounts.

Example: Mr. Jones, age 54, received MO HealthNet under the MA-WD program for 24 months. During his time on MA-WD, he contributed $2,000 to a 401(k) plan. Later, Mr. Jones is no longer working. He applies for MO HealthNet under the MHABD PTD program. Mr. Jones’ 401(k) plan is now worth $2,100, which includes the initial $2,000 contributed while employed, and $100 in interest earnings. Exclude the total amount of $2,100 from his available resources. When Mr. Jones turns 65, include the entire amount in the 401(k) plan as an available resource.