1030.000.00 Available Resources (OAA and PTD)

1030.015.10 Crypto Currency/Digital Currency

IM-139 November 17, 2022

Crypto Currency as a resource is verified by converting the Crypto/Digital currency to US dollars using the blockchain wallet or any website equipped for conversion. The participant can provide a print out or screenshot of this conversion. The base amount is considered a resource.

If the virtual currency is listed on an exchange, the value should be determined by converting the currency into United States Dollars (USD) using the exchange rate listed on the exchange the currency is stored in. If the digital currency is not held on an exchange, use the most reasonable rate of exchange and verify the exact exchange rate at the time of the calculation for the amount of the cryptocurrency/digital currency the household owns. See Coinranking.com and use the 30 day average of the currency’s value for the resource amount.