1060.000.00 Disability (PTD Eligibility Criteria)

1060.005.15 Submitting Information on Cases Previously Reviewed by MRT

IM-77 May 16, 2019; IM-44 September 4, 2014; IM-19 March 28, 2011; IM-114 December 19, 2006

For all cases previously reviewed by MRT in which the participant does not currently receive disability-based SSI, SSDI, or Medicare based on disability, submit medical information to the MRT for a redetermination.

In cases where MRT has specified a future medical review is unnecessary, no forms are sent to MRT unless a change occurs that might indicate the participant is no longer permanently and totally disabled (PTD). If such a change occurs, submit a new MRT packet.

If the MRT decision was waived and has a future re-determination date listed within twelve months from the re-application date, a new MRT decision is necessary.

NOTE:  Do not submit medical information to the MRT for a redetermination on cases previously reviewed by MRT that have closed for reasons other than disability when:

The MRT decision has not expired, is not waived, and the participant requests MHABD benefits within 90 days from the closing action date.