1060.000.00 Disability (PTD Eligibility Criteria)

1060.005.20 Loss of SSI or RSDI Benefits

IM-96 October 26, 2015

Many cases are determined eligible on the disability factor because of receipt of SSI or RSDI.  However, this determination becomes invalid when the claimant:

  • becomes ineligible for SSI or RSDI for any reason; or
  • transfers to non-disability based SSI or RSDI.

In either situation, obtain medical information and submit immediately to MRT along with the Social Information Summary (IM-61) to establish the claimant’s eligibility on this factor.

EXCEPTION: An individual whose SSI benefits are suspended due to a balance in an Achieving Better Life Experience (ABLE) account in excess of $100,000 shall be treated for purposes of MO HealthNet as if the individual continued to be receiving payment of SSI benefits.