Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual

1801.020.00 Duration of Appointment of Representative

IM-103 July 11, 2022

A signed Appointing an Authorized Representative (IM-6AR) form is valid if it is submitted within 90 days of the date of the participant’s signature.

EXAMPLE: An employee of the local hospital submits an IM-6AR on behalf of Aaron, who is applying for MO HealthNet (MHN). The IM-6AR was signed by Aaron 7 months ago. The IM-6AR was not submitted within 90 days of the date Aaron signed it and is not a valid IM-6AR.

Once the signed IM-6AR or other designation form is received, Family Support Division (FSD) shall consider the authorization to remain in effect until:

  • FSD receives written notice that the participant has revoked the appointment of authorized representative

EXAMPLE: Deandre named his brother, Darryl as his authorized representative when he applied in December 2019. Deandre’s case closed February 2020. In December 2021, Darryl reapplied for MHN for Deandre. This is a valid application as Deandre never revoked the authorized representative appointment of Darryl.

  • a specified termination date stated on an alternative designation form
  • the death of the participant
  • the day after the application date for authorized representatives appointed only for the submission of an application
  • when the application is complete for authorized representatives appointed only to assist with the application process (this includes the hearing period)
  • the authorized representative requests in writing to end their appointment

 Access to Online Information

Authorized representatives can access information regarding online interactions between the participant and FSD after the participant’s death only if:

  • the participant has granted access during his or her lifetime
  • the individual is a court appointed personal representative, administrator or executor of the estate; or
  • the individual is a surviving spouse who has obtained a refusal of letters or who has filed a valid small estate affidavit