1802.000.00 Applications

1802.020.05 Application with No Signature

IM-71 May 31, 2022IM-#170 December 02, 2019IM-#36 April 30, 2018IM-#134, November 14, 2017

Under 42 CFR 435.907, an application form is not considered a valid application without a valid signature. The date of application is the date the application is received by the Family Support Division (FSD) or the date the application is received by a contracted agency and contains a signature.

If an individual is dropping off an application, FSD staff should review the application to ensure all questions are answered and the individual has signed the application before leaving the FSD office.

NOTE: If address information is missing or an invalid mailing address is given, staff should attempt to locate an address through MEDES, FAMIS, MODL, IIVE or other available means. If staff are unable to establish a valid address, the application should be desk rejected for reason of “Unable to Locate.”

Return any original unsigned application with the Signature Request Form (IM-2SR) and an FSD addressed envelope to the individual within three business days.

NOTE:  A typed signature on a paper or electronic form does NOT meet the same authentication standards as an electronic signature.  Forms with typed signatures are considered unsigned.