Family MO HealthNet (MAGI) Manual

1802.030.00 Filer Consent

IM-#134, November 14, 2017

Filer consent is required at application and annual renewal.  Filer consent is the applicant’s or participant’s consent which allows FSD to confirm the individual’s self-attestation of their circumstance by information obtained electronically through external data sources.

NOTE:  The applicant, or an adult member of the MAGI household, may give filer consent for the entire household.

External data sources refer to information from federal data sources (Hub Calls).

  • Federal data source, or external data source, includes information from the Federal Data HUB such as IRS tax records, Social Security income, Citizenship, health insurance Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), etc.

Information from state data sources and FSD data sources may be gathered without filer consent.

  • State data sources include The Work Number, IMES, and IIVE.
  • FSD data sources include information known to the agency such as information obtained for other public assistance programs (Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance, etc.).

    NOTE:  When a received application does not give filer consent for the use of external data sources, this means the applicant does not give FSD permission to contact the Federal Data HUB to verify their self-attested statement.  When this occurs, State and FSD data sources should be used to obtain the needed information.  If information still cannot be obtained, it is acceptable to request the necessary documentation from the applicant.

When an application is received from either the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) or through Client Portal, consent is assumed for the initial application.  To complete annual renewals after the first year, filer consent must be obtained.  Filer consent may be given for 0 – 5 years.

Consent is given in one of the following ways:

  • Paper Application– must always include a signature.
  • Telephone Application– an audio recorded signature is utilized.
  • Online application received through the Client Portal or from the FFM- an electronic signature.
  • Annual Renewal Notice (IM-1U) – must include a written or audio recorded signature.
  • Filer Consent Notice (IM-FTI) – must include a signature

Consent may be changed or removed at any time.  This can be done in writing or over-the-phone by the individual or by the authorized representative.